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One item five ways: Mickey Mouse t-shirt!

Hey cutie! How are you? I’ve been really inspired by Popteen lately especially the 2009 era (which, to be honest, I was never not inspired by) and one of the biggest trends in that era was to mix Mickey Mouse motifs into their outfits. So when I saw this Mickey Mouse t-shirt in my local Primark, I knew I had to put together a “one item five ways” post!

Casual x girly

First up is this casual girly co*de which was inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka! I had a lot of fun mixing girly elements like the floaty skirt with the casual boots.

Country gal

Of course I had to do something with country vibes, which is perfect for spring and summer!

Rock vibes

I wanted to add a choker but the necklace is a bit too high up for that, but it’ll work well with a lower one if you have! I’m also going through a phase where I throw random patterns together which I think works quite well in this co*de.

Sporty chic

Okay but… I will be living in this co*de over the summer haha. I think it’ll be perfect for a lil picnic or date in the park! Especially if you like playing park games like throwing Frisbees or water balloons at each other haha.


Did you really think I would do a co*de without throwing in some dungarees???? I adore combining shirts with dungarees, especially dungaree skirts! The bow details elevates the girly vibes.

Thats all for today!

What co*des would you put together with a Mickey Mouse t-shirt? Which one is your fave?

Until next time!

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