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Hello, hey, hi. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to have a proper sit down chat with you so I thought it was time we did this before I get into doing more of my posts on Japan (how exciting). Right now I’m nursing an awful cough that was actually caused by my hayfever but I’m trying to get my thoughts together for this post.

The past couple of months has been… Hectic, to say the least. I’ve got so many new obstacles thrown in my way and I find myself tripping up most of the time, but I’m slowly getting back on my feet. Every time I accomplish something, more problems crop up, but I’m doing my best! I’m still battling all of the things that I said I would no longer care about, and it won’t be a quick turnaround, but I’ll get there.

Because I know that I’m a rambler, I’m going to separate everything into sections for you peeps to skim through if necessary.

I went to Japan

As mentioned right at the beginning of this post I went to Japan and since then have pushed all of my worries aside so that I could fully concentrate on having fun. There are over 1.3k photos to sort through but soon I’d have plenty of blog content on here! These would be spread out monthly (or maybe twice a month) depending on how inspired I am. I’ve already posted my haul, my time spent at Sanrio Puroland, and when looking at Cherry Blossoms, but next week there will be more!

I’m having a wardrobe revamp

I’m tremendously happy that it’s Spring now and I have been buying some newer collections of MA*RS and DaTuRa. I want to do a complete revamp of my wardrobe and get rid of all of the older MA*RS clothes so that I could be on my merry way in being an ane agejo. I love agejo so much, and mixing it with onee vibes is perfect for me. It’s going to be so hard to get rid of everything but so worth it. I’m getting a bit overwhelmed by how many clothes I have!

I’m slowly learning how to adult

I need to learn how to be more independent and stop relying on others all of the time, so lately I’ve been trying to fend for myself and raise my head a little higher. Even though it’s quite stressful, I’m excited that I can be in charge of my own life for once! My other half and I have so much planned, I’m really happy.

I’m still trying to find balance

If you know of any good articles on how to balance life/hobbies/blogging/learning design, then please let me know because boy I’m struggling. I’ve tried timetables or even just doing a little bit of each each day but it’s not working, so I could really use your help. There’s just not enough hours in the day to do everything that I enjoy, and it’s really taking a toll on my mental health.

I’m trying my best to manage my stress

This is linked with the previous one on how I’m trying to find balance –  I’m also trying to figure out ways to reduce stressing about every little thing in the world. I’ve been looking up stress-related articles but if anyone is personally affected by stress and has managed to discover a solution, please comment below. I really need some help on this.

I’m planning on starting to exercise

My family is going to be overjoyed when they hear about this but yep, I’m planning on doing some home exercises. I absolutely hate the thought of having to do such a thing but I’ve been thinking about doing some push-ups and the like to improve my immune system. I’ve been playing badminton with my friends (having done my second try yesterday) so I think I might just do it every week and see how it goes!

What have you peeps been up to lately? Made any plans? Learnt anything new? I’ve missed you all so much so it’ll be nice to have a little catch-up!

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