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More Halloween GETS ★☆

My vaccine appt is running late so I thought I’d write a quick lil’ blog post about my recent Halloween GETS. It’s just so nice to feel inspired for Halloween again… Last year I wasn’t feeling myself ;; so now it’s like my passion for it has intensified haha.

I keep going back to Home Sense every few days to see what new things they have in stock as they change all of the time, and I picked these up! I think I’m going to stop there for now though unless it’s something that I feel like I HAVE to buy.

This is by far my favourite Halloween plush <3333 I love him sm ;;

Also got some stuff from Amazon like bunting and bats, so this is what my Halloween decor looks like! The stuff in boxes is from previous years, and I’ve also got my Christmas tree which I’m going to use for my Halloween tree (as well as the black tree my mum-in-law bought for me last year).

This is what our living room looked like last year. I want to make it even better this year! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!

Okay I’ve got to go now, speak soon☆

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