Mother of Cats and Inspirational Slumps

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My idea of heaven would be to drink hot chocolate in a comfy sofa, surrounded by cats. Luckily heaven is a place on earth – the cat café in Nottingham was just under a couple of hours away, and it was the perfect spot for our next QueenE gyaru meet hosted by our member Rachel. We’ve been trying to do more ‘themed’ meet ups with our gyaru circle and the cat café – aka Kitty Cafe – was at the top of our list.

A couple of days prior to the meet, I was in the mother of all slumps. I just couldn’t bring myself to be inspired no matter how many times I revisited my old blog posts nor look at old gyaru tutorials, I just couldn’t bring myself to be gyaru. This feeling has come and gone since I wrote my post on the fact that I’m turning into a boring old fart in terms of my style, but it hit me so hard that I felt like just staying in bed all day. Somehow I managed to drag myself out, slap on some gyaru makeup, and drive through the chaotic roads of Nottingham to meet up with my fellow circle members.

And after that, I was fine.

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agejo gyaru

kitty cafe nottingham

gyaru false nails
Gyaru feels more complete with flashy nails!

heathcliffe, mancoon cat

QueenE gyarusa, gyaru circle, uk gyaru
My fellow QueenE members

lizzie bee

cute kitten
This lil’ kitty was asleep on this guy’s lap for the whole hour! So adorable


Outfit details – Sweater: Shop Tobi* / Skirt: Unknown / Accessories: GOLDS Infinity & Muse


This made me think – is gyaru more than just a fashion, but also about the people we’re with? It sounds crazy but being in a slump during the quiet periods of not attending any gyaru meets can’t possibly be a coincidence. Just being with like-minded people somehow made me wish that I wore my false nails more, slipped into higher heels, and bought new lashes every week (which I really don’t need to do). This surely can’t just be for gyaru – do other alternative fashionistas feel the same when they aren’t with those who share the same styles?

Perhaps the reason why there are so little alternative fashionistas in the UK besides from London (from my experience) is that there aren’t enough of us to give each other that boost of inspiration. It’s so easy to be normal because we’re surrounded by “normal” fashions – it takes seconds to pick something out from Boohoo than it is from MA*RS.

What do you think?

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P.S I love how this post turned into a ramble when all I wanted to do was write about how I had a lovely time going to the kitty cafe, shopping for makeup & having a chilled out time with my gals oops.


*sponsored item – thanks Shop Tobi!

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