Mother’s day at Belvoir Castle ♡ Liz Lisa CoDe ♡

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Hey cutie, how are you? Yesterday was my first ever mother’s day it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to say that I came downstairs to see a little present waiting for me. I got a lovely card, a heart necklace with our birthstones + an orchid.

As it was my first one, my hubby took me and the baby out somewhere as a surprise! Trying to decide what to wear was a challenge though because it was raining heavily and most of my shoes aren’t waterproof but I got there in the end

hoodie + skirt:
boots: missguided
furry bit on boots: ebay
bag: ted baker

My hair was a mess though but was ran out of time to sort it out so I just wore a hat to hide it

Anyway, the surprise place was Belvoir Castle! I haven’t heard of it before but apparently they filmed some parts of The Crown here as it is very similar to Windsor Castle – how cool is that?!

A brass band was playing in the ballroom!

It was sooooo pretty~ felt like a princess This was my fave room!

Some more rooms~

You can just see her cute lil’ hand and the side of her head

We then went home and ordered a Chinese takeaway for dinner and then I went to sleep and omg I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow I was so tired! But I had a truly lovely Mother’s Day and I was so happy

That’s all for now! Did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

Until next time

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  • Amiman♥
    March 12, 2024

    Omgg the room that you said is your favorite is GORGEOUS!! I adore your look today~~ I hope to be as fabulous as you if I become a mother ♥ I’m happy you enjoyed your special day! (Although you gave me a scare bc mother’s day isn’t until May in the states (T v T) I thought i was unprepared lol!!!)

  • Sparklewolfie
    March 12, 2024

    WOW that castle is gorgeous! I love the pink room!!
    Your outfit is lovely as always~ The skirt is cute! 美女好時尚!
    None of my shoes are waterproof either 😹 apart from the actual rain booties I have, so rainy days are difficult to figure out what to wear!
    We don’t celebrate Mother’s Day until May in TW (I actually don’t recall when it is… I just wait for Google Calendar to tell me!) so have done nothing recently :Þ

  • banana slug
    March 14, 2024

    WOW!! the pink room is amazing!!!!