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My birthday (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

It’s officially my birthday post I know that I’ve done a lot of birthday posts but this is THE birthday post Can’t believe that it’s finally my birthday… This year has gone so quick. I had such a relaxing day strolling in the countryside with my husband and family. It was so lovely and warm!

We went to Charlecote Park which was a beautiful house surrounded by lots of parklands. I couldn’t get a picture of the deer but we did see some in the distance

Family walk

Then we went home, I had a shower and a nap and then my husband treated me to a meal and vegan cookie dough

I also opened my birthday presents!

Here’s my co*de! Currently going through another puri boom now in the way I edit pics.

I’ve got a few more birthday celebrations (dinner with family, dinner with Isobel and then dinner with friends) but after that I can finally start thinking about Halloween!

Until next time

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