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My Christmas Wishlist

It’s never too early to think of the C word (Christmas, that is) unless you’re me who doesn’t really get the whole Christmas hype. This year, however, was different; ever since Halloween was over I started thinking of Christmas and then that John Lewis advert came out and now I can’t stop thinking about it! I’m planning on being super efficient this year with my Christmas presents, and I’m actually going to go shopping soon tehe.


This also means that I’ve started thinking of what I could treat myself to put on my Christmas wish list this year. Little did I know how pink everything was going to be until I took a step back and looked at my mood board overall. Oops.


Dreamy Bows is my no.1 place for getting cute gyaru goodies. I have bought a few accessories from them in the past and ever since I saw Himena rocking a massive pink bow I’ve been wanting to add one to my list. I’m impatiently waiting for the Bows on Bows Satin Hair Clip to get back in stock though! I’ve also had my eye on the Chocomint ribbon pearl necklace for a while now for those casual hime looks – it would fit in so well with my work clothes and could easily jazz up a nice blouse and skirt! And, of course, I’m forever looking to expand my nail collection and couldn’t help but add these pink glittery babies from Lhouraii’s Shop. I’ve been trying to grow my nails so that I can get used to them being long but I keep biting them, oops. My phone case collection has been getting a little bit dire because I’ve been using each case a hell of a lot, so adding a cute Hello Kitty one wouldn’t hurt (plus it’s from eBay, winning!)


I’m slowly replacing all of my makeup with cruelty-free brands, and I’ve heard so many good things about the Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced! I’m using Bourjois at the moment and it’s slowly running out as well as my BeautyUK blusher which I’d love to replace with this NYX one, but I will hold out until after Christmas.


What better way to spend Christmas relaxing than with some Lush goodies? I’ve been good and have been stopping myself from buying any Lush products since buying their Halloween collections, so when I do finally get my hands on some Lush it will be even more special. After a lovely bath I can then slip into some cute fluffy slippers – and these Boux Avenue ones are to die for!


Then, on the blogging side of things, I’ve added a tripod onto my list. A few months ago I had asked the blogging community what they’d recommend for a tripod and Monfrotto kept cropping up, so I’m adding it to my list! I’m currently dragging my other half out with me so that he could take some outfit shots and I feel kind of bad about it… At least I won’t have to worry about that with this tripod!


So, what have you got on your Christmas wishlist this year? I can’t wait to hear what you peeps are eyeing up lately!


Until next Sunday! ♡

Lizzie Bee xx


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