My day with Amelie~ // 4月4日 //

Today I visited Amelie in Birmingham! It had been ages since I saw her and I really missed her ;_; I had all these ideas for my hair and make and had a pretty decent but then-
It snowed -_-
It was so annoying because I was planning on wearing shorts but as soon as I looked outside I knew it wasn’t gonna’ happen >< luckily I packed some jeans but it didn’t have the same effect D: I didn’t bother doing my hair in the end because of the snow and it’ll be ruined within a second :/

This was my look~

Anyways, so I met Amelie at 2 and then we headed for some shopping! She bought this top and we thought that it looked a bit like the stuff worn in Soul Sister~ I am really liking the stuff worn in that mag recently… Trouble is, I haven’t gotten any tracksuits that look pretty or anything D: Don’t really want the plain kind that chavs wear ><
We then headed to Forever21! We don’t have one down in Kent and the nearest one is in London which is waaay too busy D: So, as you might’ve guessed, I really really really looked forward to it!

Our usual Forever21 picture! Argh I look so herp derp 😛

Amelie found this amazing camouflage skirt, and I noticed the label… And it said it was £2.49 o_O £2.49?! It was too good for that price! So we bought it 😛 When we got to the till the guy said that it was supposed to be £12.49 but whoever did it wrote it wrong 😛 Crazy! But we managed to get it for £2.49 anyways.

Me trying it out. Don’t I look so cool ;D Not like the clothes clash or anything…

Wagamama was a must as Amelie was hungry and I wanted some deep fried chilli squid *_* We talked about anything and everything! I really missed her <3

Me and Amelie! She’s so cuuute~

I wanted to go to a Chinese supermarket to find some Sake and dashi, as well as mirin as I wanted to try cooking some Japanese, Chinese and Korean food! ^^ A friend of mine showed me some amazing videos on YouTube that I wanna try out :3 But yeah. I managed to find some sake ^^ We popped over to the next shop and I found some amazingly-decorated iPhone 4 cases!

How the hell do you use these cases? o_O Especially that Hello Kitty one…

I found these glasses there as well! And surprised Amelie with them lolololol 😛

Don’t I look so cool brah.

We went back to Forever21 as I found these pair of shorts that I LOVED (they were acid-washed, distressed, and had studs *_*) but the only one that was left was way too big ;_; So had to leave it in the end :/ It sucks so much! I even tried looking online but I can’t find it :/

I decided to buy the jacket in the end 😛 I mean, it was exactly expensive sooooo~ Yeah! Just gotta’ think of what to wear in the end 😛

This is the pictures of my buys <3 Sorry it’s so crap, my lighting isn’t great D:

And with this jacket, me, Amelie and Alice are now skanky jacket triplets lolololol.

That’s all for now! I had an amazing time with her~ Kinda gonna’ miss her now though as I won’t be seeing her for a while ;_;

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