To My Favourite Human

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I didn’t think much of you when we first met; you were a pretty ordinary guy with an ordinary life, and I was actually quite sick of boys at that time because they were always the same. No matter how pretty they were they were predictable to the core (from the guys I knew of anyway) and it was a bit boring. I thus decided that I couldn’t be bothered to have a guy in my life and would rather just do my own thing and be my own favourite human.

And then you came along and… Well, nothing changed. At first. anyway.

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We started talking and that cliché thing happened where I started to really like you but guess what? You didn’t like me. I told myself again that I couldn’t be bothered to have a guy in my life and would rather just do my own thing and be my own favourite human.

It’s funny how every time I told myself that I started to like you even more.

Months later and it looked like we were actually getting somewhere, and it was an amazing feeling. Just because I didn’t need a guy to complete me didn’t mean that I didn’t need you. Those weeks turned to months, from months to years and I was making myself a home in that happy bubble.

Then I moved away and I feared that this might be the end for us. But you proved me wrong, again, and stuck by me. Those years away seemed to drag but before I knew it I was back home again and it was like I never left. That’s when I realised that having an ordinary life with an ordinary guy was quite nice.

I didn’t think much of you when we first met, but now you’re always on my mind (it’s quite irritating) ♡

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ma*rs, agejo, ane agejo

ma*rs, agejo, ane agejo

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ane agejo outfit

ma*rs gyaru, agejo gyaru

ma*rs gyaru

sweater dress and belt: ma*rs / shoe boots: miss selfridge / bag: eBay / accessories: muse & new look

About the Valentine’s outfit

Sooooo that was the lovey dovey part over and done with in this post. I didn’t know whether I should post it at first but then I thought, “why the heck not?” My other half deserves to have many posts dedicated him for all of the times he’s stood by me and more. He doesn’t actually know about this post and I’m not going to mention it to him because then I’d just feel extremely embarrassed like ew how cringey did I have to get?
I wanted to wear my new MA*RS sweater for this Valentine’s Day post and go for an ane agejo look as black/white works so well with red. It was such a nightmare to get this balloon because a) it doesn’t really look heart-shaped and b) we didn’t have helium. Everything got sorted in the end mainly because of my OH, so I am really grateful for that (note to self: plan blog posts in advance). Seriously though this guy is amazing, so another mini shout out to him.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day with your loved ones (humans and animals alike) ♡

Lizzie Bee xx

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