My Japan Haul – DaTuRa, MA*RS, Sanrio and Many More

I’ve been to Japan and haven’t bought a thing… Said no one ever! And trust me, I am still on the road to financial recovery despite it being over a month since I’ve been in the magical land of Hello Kitty and matcha KitKat. It was so worth it, though, and I had been saving for this moment for a long time…

When I look back at the things I bought I kind of wish I had bought more, but it was physically impossible to fit any more into my suitcase. My suitcase weighed 17kg before and then 23kg after. Oops. I’ve made the decision, however, to buy more things over from Japan. It might not be good economically but their clothes are just so much nicer and I want to keep supporting my gyaru brands from afar!

In the meantime, though, let’s delve into my Japan haul a.k.a the part where I sold my soul.

donki, sanrio

kawaii japan haul, sanrio, donki, false lashes, gyaru

The very first thing I splurged on was some Hello Kitty and Sanrio goodies from Don Quiote (also known as Donki). I was just so happy to buy the legit stuff rather than buying cheap copies from eBay that I didn’t hold back! I also bought some amazing 2-in-1 curlers and straighteners, and I’m pretty upset that I couldn’t fit it into my suitcase. Oh well, maybe next time.

DaTuRa Osaka shop staff, agejo, ane agejo
The cutest and loveliest shop staff I have ever met. I want to see her again one day!

DaTuRa summer clothing, gyaru brand

DaTuRa work wear

The second lot was what I bought from Osaka’s OPA DaTuRa, and boy I was heart-struck. The shop staff were just so amazing and beautiful and so very gyaru. I was amazed by one of the shop staff at DaTuRa, and I just had to get a photo with her! In fact throughout my trip I made sure to get photos with the shop staff wherever I go, so that I could look back and be like I was actually here standing next to some gyaru. My eyes shone when I went in, and my other half said it was as if I was in heaven and boy I spent so much there! Only now have I noticed that I left the “mothballs” on the top in these photos… Eek! Oh well.

MA*RS shop staff, agejo, risamero
MA*RS shop staff! Everyone looked adorable
DaTuRa Shibuya109 shop staff
Gosh I feel like such a potato in comparison. DaTuRa shop staff are amazing!


Princess Melody and MA*RS dresses

Princess Melody and MA*RS dresses

DaTuRa and MA*RS clothes

The lighting in our Tokyo accommodation wasn’t so great in the evening, so I apologise for the poorly-taken photos! I was going to take all of these when I got home but I, being an impatient human being, couldn’t wait to wear some of these clothes so we’re just going to have to go with it. My second shopping haul was in the wonderful Shibuya 109 – my dream destination. I was a bit disappointed to be honest but I suppose that I did buy a crap load in Osaka, but still… I was in MA*RS. MA*RS. My dream shop. My everything. I was finally there. The photo I took of all of my MA*RS clothes was so poor that I just had to show you peeps the close-ups, I’m so sorry! I popped into Shibuya DaTuRa as well because I kept dreaming about the hoodie I didn’t buy at Osaka, and the shop staff there were equally flawless.

Sanrio Puroland haul

I’m actually pleased that I didn’t spend so much in Sanrio Puroland but I knew I had to get the Cinnamoroll plushie as soon as I set eyes on it. As I mentioned in my trip to Puroland, it was Cinnamoroll’s 15th anniversary so there were plenty of options around. I got the smaller Cinnamoroll-shaped mug for free with my dessert (totally not the reason I went to get it…) but the mug was only around £10, how good is that?!

kawaii haul

I spent so long trying to find any decent Sailor Moon goodies, and found most of these in the Tokyo Character section in Tokyo station. I was quite surprised how little Sailor Moon stuff there was, so all of my dreams of purchasing plushies and phone cases went out the window. But I’m glad that I managed to get some cute bits and bobs! I got the mini figure from a gachapon centre in Akihabara, and it’s currently sitting on my desk at work. The other bits I got from Donki – honestly, that place has everything.

skinny lip top and white shoes

rilakkuma buys

I got the chance to meet the gals at Akipoyo (they are seriously so cute and lovely) and held back on spending too much, so I just bought a top from Skinny Lip and some incredibly comfy white heels. I took the photo of my Rilakkuma goodies when I got home because I was so caught up in packing that I totally forgot, oops.

Who knew that a haul post would be so ramble-y? I’m still terribly excited about my trip to Japan so please excuse my nattering! I hope you enjoyed scrolling through my haul as much as I did buying everything. Which was your favourite? Have you peeps bought anything lately?

Until next Sunday!

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