My Melody Inspired Co*De

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I’m so happy because I actually had the energy to dress up and film a YouTube video yesterday! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ but anyway, this post is going to be a really short one about my My Melody inspired co*de (I’ll chat about the video later on!). We have a weekly challenge in the Himekaji Girls discord and the first prompt is to create an outfit inspired by your fave character! I was torn between Hello Kitty and My Melody but, seeing as I did a Hello Kitty outfit recently, I went with My Melo chan.

My melody inspired outfit

♡ sweater: ma*rs ♡
♡ shorts: liz lisa ♡
♡ legwarmers: ebay ♡
♡ bag: liz lisa ♡
♡ key chain: blippo ♡
♡ accessories: aliexpress ♡

I can’t get enough of these fluffy leg warmers at the moment! I haven’t really got any cute white shoes so I just wore my trainers for the time being. These are our prompts by the way if you did want to join the challenge! We’re doing it over Instagram but I’m going to try and write a quick blog post for each one.

Here are the prompts by the way if you want to join!

Okay so the video I managed to film was an unboxing of the gyaru box from Tokyo Street Style x Gyaransu! They very kindly gave me a box in return for a view and I’m not going to say too much about it (as I want you to watch my video tehe) but it was so much better than their first box! I can’t wait to show you the video. I was gonna try and edit it all over the weekend but after dressing up and filming it… I was exhausted. So I’ll just see what I can do!

I hope you liked my My Melody inspired outfit! I had a lot of fun doing this because I felt that it combined my love for mokomoko clothes as well as My Melo-chan ♡ It wasn’t until the evening when I was talking to Rae that I realised… I have the perfect Lizmelo top that I could’ve worn instead (; ̄Д ̄) Oops. Maybe next time!

My Melody Inspired Outfit

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  • Risa
    March 7, 2021

    Rushing over to youtube ➡️

    • hellolizziebee
      March 7, 2021

      Tehehe I haven’t been able to edit it yet! Hopefully later on in the next couple of weeks 💖

  • Reila Less
    March 7, 2021

    I love that look and how those leg warmers look on you!
    I’ve been thinking about getting TSS lucky boxes too, so perfect timing to watch your video. 👀👀👀

    • hellolizziebee
      March 7, 2021

      Thank you sweetie! I hope to have it edited by this weekend maybe if work isn’t too hectic 💖

  • Piku
    March 9, 2021

    such an adorable outfit ;-; and i loveeeee this hair on you omg!!!