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My new diet

I have so much that I wanted to write about but work has been super busy this week so I haven’t had the energy… So you might be spammed with lots of blog notifications, sorry!

Anyway, first thing I want to talk about is my diet.

Since my eczema flare up (which I’m still trying to get under control) I realised that there’s probably a connection between that and what I eat…

Especially because in October I was really bad and ate a lot of sweets and drank a lot of fizzy drinks and was generally just incredibly unhealthy ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

So I’ve limited the amount of fizzy drinks I drink to when I go out with my friends. During the day, I just drink boiled water, fruit tea, and milk tea. It’s been okay so far! I actually prefer boiled water to fruit tea haha.

Another change is the food I eat! I’m slowly introducing more of an anti-inflammatory food diet. So lots of sweet potato etc. We managed to find some really yummy dishes for it!

My food diet isn’t 100% anti-inflammatory and healthy, but I didn’t want to go cold turkey, so it’ll be a gentle process! („• ֊ •„)

Tbh I have been feeling a lot better in myself since I started eating better! I still eat snacks but it’s a lot less than I used to. I hope to find some yummy snacks that are also inflammatory soon!

Okay this blog post is a lot longer than I thought so I’ll stop writing now haha.

Wish me luck!!

Speak soon ♡♡

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