My New Obsession: Swankiss

Hey cuties! How are you today?Last week was a little hint that I am slowly experimenting with my style… I am getting a bit bored of doing agejo so I think it’s time to try something new! I always get really excited when I try out a different part of Japanese fashion tehe~ And the shop staff at Swankiss have been a massive inspiration lately. I just wish I had the clothes for it but I’ve told myself not to buy anymore brand because I can’t really justify it. I was a bit disappointed with Swankiss’ collection (as said here) but I just love the way the shop staff put everything together! Here are a few of my favourites.

Swankiss Larme Kei Inspirations
Not actually too sure if the top right one is from Swankiss…
Favourite Swankiss coords

Aren’t they so adorable? I also really like how they do their makeup, especially the blush! I actually tried out their techniques in my last blog post, and I’ve been doing it a lot more ever since. Here are some of my biggest Swankiss staff inspirations! These include: Saaya Hayashida, Mimi, Suzuyan, and Moe!

Larme Kei

I’ve noticed that when people have mentioned Swankiss in the past they associate it with Larme Kei, so I did a little bit of research on it. Universal Doll actually did a really good post which introduces the style, so I’ll just redirect you to that rather than just writing what she said 😀

From what I’ve read Larme Kei is a pretty natural-looking style focusing on the “sweet factor”, so I guess Swankiss is tied in to that but then the shop staff adds a hint of gyaru to it with the makeup. I think I actually prefer how Swankiss do it because although Larme Kei is great for everyday wear, it’s lacking everything that I love in gyaru.

What Next?

Sooooo taking everything into account; I would love to try out the makeup they do at Swankiss and combine it with gyaru, and try out wearing more pastels. This is actually really difficult for me because I don’t have many pastels – especially shoes – but I rummaged around my wardrobe and took a picture of what I’ve got.

Swankiss-inspired gyaru clothes by hellolizziebee

Things I need to do/get:
Pompon hair ties
Cute tights – preferably in white
White/Pink Platforms
Lots of cute accessories!
Dark pink lippy
White satchel/backpack

I really, really want to try out this style so badly but it’s really difficult without the accessories! I have so many ideas for outfits, but there’s always something that I don’t have to complete it. I’ve had a look on eBay for the past couple of weeks for things like cute patterned tights but the shipping would take too long ><” It’s so annoying!

Oh well, wish my luck! I hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend & I’ll see you next week!

Lizzie Bee xx

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