My faves from Liz Lisa, MA*RS + more in 2023

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Hey cutie, how are you? Today I wanted to write about what brands like Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, Dear My Love and MA*RS now look like in 2023! To give a bit of a background – these brands used to be gyaru brands, but over the years have shifted their focus to girly fashion and they’ve now landed upon ryousangata and jirai kei. My interest in ryousangata/jirai has made me fall in love with these brands again (because to be honest, I was really bitter about their shift in focus as a hardcore gyaru ) so I want to choose some of my favourite items from each store!

Okie, let’s go!

Liz Lisa in 2023

First off, Liz Lisa! Here’s an article to demonstrate what Liz Lisa used to look like to give you a better idea of the comparison between back then and now. I really love how Liz Lisa have retained their attention (perhaps even made it more OTT) to detail with lots of cute embellishments like bows and lace, even on casual fits like the shirt one-piece. And I can’t get over how cute their trainers are!

Ank Rouge in 2023

I’ve got an upcoming post on some old Ank Rouge inspo, but here are some of my faves from 2023. I reeeeally like the blue colour they’ve brought out and again, lots of frills! Although Ank Rouge seems to be slightly (and only slightly) more casual than Liz Lisa. The black dress with the large bow reminds me of the silhouette you used to see in TRALALA back in the day.

MA*RS + Princess Melody in 2023

I’ve decided to combine these two brands but yep, there’s definitely more of an emphasis on lace (which I’m not surprised by as it used to be an brand favoured by agejo + hostesses!). And it’s so good to see that they still do rabbit hoodies but have adapted it for ryousangata/jirai kei.

Dear My Love

I used to loooooooove Dear My Love (DML) during the first few years of my gal era – and the same can be said as of 2023! I noticed that DML was very size inclusive (well, more size inclusive than other brands) which is great to see, and that they do a lot of options with mid/maxi lengths which is perfect for me as my baby bump gets bigger. The details are a lot more toned down than previous brands which makes it easier to wear everyday which is great for those who want to go down more of a casual route.

And those are my favourites from ryousangata/jirai kei brands in 2023!

What do you think?

What do you think?

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