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My biggest dream is to travel the world. I might not be able to get to every country out there but I want to travel as much as I can, when I can! I actually put this down as one of my resolutions for this year but I think I might just extend that to my whole lifetime.

I used to go travelling a lot as a child but when I started uni (and then working), my holidays have declined. I’d rather work more and earn more money then spend it going abroad. Stupid, right? Nothing can replace memories! I’ve noticed that the less holidays I went on the more money I actually spent on clothes, makeup… Well, things that could be easily replaced.

I’ve decided to put together a wishlist of my top five destinations. Fingers crossed I can tick them all off one day!

01 | Japan

Aah, Japan. I’ve been dying to go to Japan ever since I started watching anime and I’ve been saving up a lot so that I could go there one day. A lot of my friends have visited or are living in Japan and I’m just so incredibly jealous! I would love to roam the streets of Shibuya – it’s the gyaru paradise. I would also love to be super touristy and travel to temples and see Mount. Fuji!

Image source: Antonio Tajuelo

02 | Italy

I’ve been to Italy a few times but I can’t really remember much, so I really want to revisit all of the sites I went to and take dozens of photos! The only photos I have of Italy are ones I took on a super-old film kind of camera. You know the ones that you buy for children that only requires one click and you have to turn the dial around after taking every photo.

03 | New Zealand

HELLO HOBBITON! Yes, one of the main reasons I want to go to New Zealand is to see Hobbiton and all of the natural beauties where the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit was filmed. I’m actually getting quite excited thinking about it but I’m going to dread the journey there. Oh well, the long flight would be worth it!

Image source: Lydiane Image

04 | Finland

I’ve always wanted to witness the Aurora Borealis and Finland is the best place for it. It would be so cool to experience real winter (our winter’s kind of shoddy) but I’m dreading the cold. I should probably stock up on some thermals…

05 | Thailand

One of my close friends went to Thailand recently and I’m been super jealous of all of the pretty places she’s been too! The beaches look so amazing, and I would love to visit a few temples such as Wat Pho.

Image source: Madhu Nair

And that’s my top five! What are yours? I would love to hear about them!

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