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New Year Who Dis? 2017 To-Do List!

The year ended as it began; with my friends and family, because no matter how good or bad the year was, as long as I’ve got them then nothing else matters. It will end and begin on a high, what more could I ask for?

2016 was… Interesting, to say the least, but that’s so last year (haha) and now it’s time to focus on 2017! I have to admit that I did not stick to my last year’s resolutions at all. And you know what? I don’t think I’m going to stick to them this year either. Making resolutions sucks because you get this false sense of hope that you’ll be a better person but you end up just staying the same. Oops.

Instead I’ve made a to-do list for 2017 because I just love ticking things off, especially when it’s things that are super easy to do which makes me feel like I’ve achieved something. The first thing on my list was to enter the year looking as glamorous as can be, and what better than to dress up like a gothic princess-in-training? I’ve fallen in love with my dark side and couldn’t wait to find the chance to wear this gorgeous velvet dress I picked up from Quiz.

dress: quiz / clutch: ted baker / accessories: missguided, claire’s accessories & unknown / boots: boohoo / coat: primark

So, my to-do list… I’m going to focus on three areas this year: blogging, designing and general lifestyle. I’ve managed to break everything down into bullet points so here goes!

01. Blogging

02. Art & Design

03. Lifestyle


Phew, that felt good writing all of that down! I never really get stressed about creating resolutions but this year I found it increasingly difficult. There are just so many things I want to achieve and writing all of what’s in my head and breaking them into a to-do list has definitely helped.

So what have you got planned for 2017? Got any resolutions, or to-do lists? Let me know in the comment below!

Until next Sunday ♡

Lizzie Bee xx

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