My Fave Non-Gyaru Brands (That Look Totally Gal) + Offbrand Gyaru Tips!

I am a huge advocate for wearing offbrand items, especially over the past couple of years when my favourite gyaru brands like DaTuRa closed down or completely changed their look (MA*RS, I’m looking at you…). Here are some of my favourite non-gyaru brands that can totally pass as gyaru, as well as some tips and tricks I use whenever I go (online) shopping!

Offbrand gyaru outfit by hellolizziebee

My Favourite Non-Gyaru Brands


Ah, boohoo, where do I start? I have more items from boohoo than I do from any other brand (including MA*RS which is a feat in itself). They always have some relatively gal-inspired items and did some really good animal print items this season. They ship items really quickly and it’s the first place I look when I go online shopping!


Quiz do really nice cocktail dresses – perfect for those inspired by kyabajo (hostess) style clothes! They’re also really good for onee gyaru and I have bought plenty of nice jumpers from there in the past. 


Missguided is the second place I head to if I can’t find anything from boohoo, as their stuff is quite similar! I would say their clothes are better for those who like going out clubbing or partying as they have a sexier silhouette, which means it’s perfect for gyaru.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge often releases items that are really good for himekaji, as the silhouettes are a lot softer and less-party-girl than other brands. The quality is pretty good, too! I used to buy a lot from there when I first started getting into himekaji.


Not a shop that I’ve bought from before, but a shop that some of my QueenE gals regularly buy from and I had to include it because everything is so darn cheap. Great if you’re trying to do gyaru on a budget! You might have to do a bit of digging to find something in their clothes range but their shoe range is amazing. 

Pretty Little Thing

I have only just recently started purchasing from Pretty Little Thing, but I love how diverse their instagram feed is and they’ve done some great wardrobe pieces (I bought these zebra trousers from them!)

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Tips for going offbrand and using local brands for gyaru

So you’ve seen my favourite non-gyaru brands, but how do we know what to buy? Here are some tips when it comes to using local brands for gyaru. 

Take inspiration from EGG models and old EGG scans

The new EGG models wear a lot of clothes that can be easily adapted from local brands, so use them as inspiration! I do this all of the time, especially now that I’m trying to move away from wearing brand items too much, and it’s super helpful.  

Always look in the “partywear” sections

Gyaru are the party girls of the Jfashion world, so always look in the partywear sections in online shops! They’re often very easy to adapt for gyaru. Things like neon in particular or any “loud” designs screams gyaru!

Focus on prints

Things like animal print is always a winner, but let’s not forget other prints like camouflage! A new pattern is brought out with every season, so don’t be afraid to look at what’s trending. For example, tie-dye patterns were huge in the 90s and have started to crop back up again, which will be perfect for retro/old-school gyaru looks!

Don’t forget textures

Most importantly, faux fur! There are so many faux fur items out in shops around A/W, and I love buying faux fur coats and hats. Who knows, maybe faux fox tails will come back in fashion…

Offbrand gyaru outfit by hellolizziebee

One last thing before I go – please remember that at the end of the day the makeup and hair are more important in gyaru, so don’t stress too much about needing to buy lots of new clothes to fit in. Work with what you have and focus on the overall gyaru look!

Do you have any tips for those wanting to do offbrand gyaru and buy from local brands?

Lizzie xx

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  • Sophie Wentworth
    June 15, 2020

    I was expecting to see some mainstream brands on this list but I wasn’t expecting them to be quite as mainstream as this! It’s great to be able to shop smaller and support independents but it’s also amazing that you can still shop in places like this and find pieces to adapt to your style x


    • hellolizziebee
      June 16, 2020

      Yes exactly, because sometimes not everyone can afford to buy from Japanese brands because shipping + custom fees and all of the other fees can really pile up!

  • Britt K
    June 16, 2020

    I am IN LOVE with those zebra-print pants. I have a serious weakness for animal prints and would DEFINITELY rock those! I’ll have to check out some of the brands you listed. While I don’t dress Gyaru, I do find that I am drawn to some similar trends/ideas occasionally. Thank you for sharing!

    • hellolizziebee
      June 16, 2020

      Awh thank you so so much! Haha yes animal print is awesome!

  • Nancy
    June 16, 2020

    It is so cool that there are so many different brands out there. I love your style! You’re cute with all of the different outfits and such :). Oooh I haven’t heard of these brands before. I love that they have a great selection. I am so bad with choosing the right print. Thanks for sharing these resources!

    Nancy ♥

  • CatZ
    July 4, 2020

    Kawaii Box is truly a top Box. I really enjoyed this one, the washi tape is so cute. And the bag … I love it.
    I also really appreciated the pencil sharpener.