Of Vampires and Mary Sues

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Did you ever used to watch Mona the Vampire? I used to love that program when I was a child, dressing up as her and defeating imaginary monsters. I had an obsession with vampires back then; my favourite film was Van Helsing (looking back now I realise that it wasn’t actually that great a film) and I could quote it word for word with one of my closest friends. I even re-enacted a few scenes – how embarrassing is that? I just loved how no matter how smoking hot and deadly vampires were, they literally did go up in smoke in a little bit of sunlight. They had a weak spot.

I’m always skeptical over people that are 100% perfect. It’s like when you’re reading a story about an invincible main character of a fantasy novel. There’s no fault in this being: they win every battle; everyone falls in love with them; they’re the saviour of all humanity and blah blah blah nope, not my kinda thing. I mean come on. Talk about Mary Sues! Where was their weak spot? Their flaw? That’s why I love Harry Potter because even though he does save everyone in the end, he is a bit of a dick. He has a lot of bad days but with a little bit of help *cough*Hermione*cough* he manages to get through it all.

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So I also tend to avoid blogs where everything is all fine and dandy because I can’t help but feel that it’s all for show… Everyone has their bad days, surely? Social media is even worse with everyone trying to present the best versions of themselves but in truth, I can’t stand flawless feeds. I resonate more with those who talk about when they’re feeling down because, you know, feelings are important. I’d love to have perfect pictures all over my instagram but adding lil’ “human” touch just makes everything look more real.

“The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.”

– George Orwell

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Being imperfect should be emphasised more, especially in the blogging community where everyone is trying to be the best. It’s an exhausting affair and I’m all for the imperfect people out there. I want to see your bad days, your good days, and you’re okay days where nothing really happens. I feel like people shouldn’t worry about being perfect, but be authentic instead. Embrace your flaws, your humanity.

Be a vampire.

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