Offbrand himekaji finds ♡

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ I’m super tired… My cat was really sick last night which woke us up so I’m drinking lots of tea to keep me awake haha. Anyway, contrary to the weather outside, it is technically spring now so I decided to have a little nosy to see what local stores are stocking and I am pleasantly surprised to see a lot of items that could work with himekaji! So I guess that this is an offbrand himekaji finds post tehe. Here’s what I’ve found!

jacket / dress / cherub necklace / hat / basket bag / tassle loafers / bag / loafers 2

ruffle detail dress / gingham skirt / ruffle paper bag shorts / floral dress / blue floral smock dress / floral cami / floral shorts / gingham top / gingham shorts

And there we have it! I had so much fun looking at brands’ spring/summer collections, as it is by far the best time to search for himekaji items! When I wasn’t trying to be a “full-time himekaji” (tehehe) I would often wear agejo in winter, and then himekaji in spring/summer, because it was so much easier to find offbrand himekaji items!

Of course, this is all depending on the era of himekaji you’re searching for, but I have just included the most generic himekaji-passing items that I’ve found. I might do another post later on dedicated to 2009/2010 himekaji (if I can be bothered lol).

What’s your favourite item? ♡

See you soon! Xx

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  • Lynn
    April 17, 2021

    Lol, for me it is the other way around. It’s more easy for me to make himekaji looks in winter and more agejo in summer…I love looking for offbrand items because we need to get away with the fact that this will be gyarus future. Now it is already difficult to find second-hand items, new gyaru fashion isn’t some point offbrand is the only way we can go. Oh and btw..did you say spring weather? We are having minus degrees and some snow is still left T.T

    • hellolizziebee
      April 19, 2021

      Aaah that’s so funny how we’re the complete opposite of each other! <33
      Yeah I know exactly how you feel... I've stopped buying stuff now because there's just nothing that takes my fancy anymore ;_;
      Yeah it's been quite sunny although absolutely freezing over here so I'm still wearing my winter clothes atm! ^^"

  • Tsuki ♡
    April 18, 2021

    Oh maan I’d wear all this!!! Great finds!!! 😻😻😻
    I love hunting for offbrand items to mix and match with gyaru brand items, it’s one of those hobbies that could take me hours but I REALLY enjoy doing it haha. I’ve been doing it mostly for Tsuyome and oldschool looks but never tried with himekaji, I think I’ll do it in the future…. I need to stop hoarding clothing for every substyle out there lmaooo 😝

    • hellolizziebee
      April 19, 2021

      Thank you my love <3333
      Yes me too! I would absolutely love to see you do a post about it on your tsuyome and old school looks! *3*