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GAL BOOM! Old School Himekaji and Fuwa Fuwa Inspirations

Hey cutie! How are you? I’m really happy to announce that I’ve finally found my gyaru boom – old school himekaji! A couple of weeks ago I was going through my wardrobe where I was suddenly hit by this huuuuge inspiration to just switch everything up and go full himekaji for Autumn/Winter. I’ve been reading Chie’s old blog posts (I’m talking very early 2010s) a lot lately and have been saving quite a lot of pictures which I want to share with you! 

Not all of these will be from her blog… I also have pictures of other gyaru that I’m really inspired by! I just love everything himekaji, or at least very fuwa fuwa (‘fluffy’) coords.

I would absolutely love to have a complete himekaji or at least cute gyaru wardrobe. Obviously I won’t be able to do this straight away as I have a lot of non-himekaji clothes… So I think my goal is: to look cute and SUPER GAL!!! Honestly I’m so excited! 

I’m just so happy that I have finally found my true calling. I haven’t felt like this since my agejo days and it’s so nice to be inspired and look forward to creating lots of outfits! I already have a few outfits that I can’t wait to show with you… Hopefully I can create some posts in a couple of weeks!

To-do/buy list:

  1. Try overnight curly hair again – it didn’t really work over the weekend haha…
  2. Find a cute white fluffy skirt
  3. Get some furry leg warmers
  4. Buy more Liz Lisa…? Yes, buy more Liz Lisa!

What’s your current gyaru boom?

Okay I’m going to go to sleep now as it’s past 10.30pm… So I’ll talk to you very soon!

Lizzie xx

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