Gyaru On Tour! One Day in York

Hey cutie! How are you? I’m super happy because we’ve recently returned from our road trip to York and Edinburgh! We’ve been wanting to do this for months but had to cancel plans due to Covid-19… So we waited until things calmed down a little bit before we re-booked everything and we had such an amazing time! But today’s post is going to be all about how we spent one day in York (we only had one day and two nights there) and I’ll write about Edinburgh in a separate post!

We left straight after work on Friday night so that we had the whole of Saturday to spend in York. And gosh, York is such a beautiful city! I learnt that it’s also the most haunted city in Europe! My hubby bought me a microphone so I was able to vlog the whole day (which is why I haven’t taken many photos…) It did rain quite a lot but luckily I bought some spray to protect my suede shoe boots… And it was okay for the whole day!

My Outfit

Before I talk to you about the things we did I wanted to share my outfit with you! My gal boom at the moment is old school himekaji and I really really liked putting this one together. Luckily I brought my thermal tights with me so I wore thermal tights, another pair of thin tights, and then socks over! So many layers but it definitely helped in the cold weather. 

coat: liz lisa / skirt: liz lisa / top: ma*rs / shoes: new look / socks: amazon / hat: dreamy bows / bag: floozie by debenhams

Okay so let’s talk about the things we did! 

How We Spent One Day in York

The Shambles

We started our day at the Shambles and it was surprisingly busy so I kept my mask on for the whole time. I was actually a bit nervous because of how busy it got but it was because the street has so many Harry Potter shops! There was a long queue outside of “The Shop That Must Not Be Named” in particular. We actually returned here in the evening so that we could enjoy strolling down the street a bit more and it’s an absolutely beautiful street. I can definitely see why JK Rowling was inspired by this place! (Yes, it was her inspiration for Diagon Alley). I would love to see what it’s like around Christmas… I bet it looks simply magical.

The Shambles Market

We got a little peckish so popped over to the market right next to the Shambles, and bought some delicious Turkish Delight and Baklava… For £35. Eeek! We didn’t intend to spend that much but the guy at the stall kept filling our bag up and there weren’t any price labels anywhere. Oh well.

Potions Cauldron

I was really intrigued by the potions class they had on their sign outside and decided to participate! I had a nice time but I think it was more aimed at children… 

York Minster

Aaaah this building was SO beautiful! What’s also nice was that there was a man playing a piano outside which really set the scene. We didn’t really stay here for long but it was really nice to walk around it. I really love gothic architecture like this!

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City Wall Trail

I’m really glad we walked around the city walls because it gave us a beautiful view of York Minster, and there were also two rainbows! It was really narrow but luckily I was able to walk okay in my shoe boots. It gave us a really nice break from the hustle and bustle!

Drift-in Cafe

We stayed here for a little bit to shelter from the cold and to pass some time, and I had a lovely hot chocolate with oat milk! They even made a cute lil’ bear drawing in the froth. It was super cute!

Jorvick Centre

I had quite a lot of fun here but boooooy it smells so funny! The smell didn’t leave my coat for a couple of days afterwards but we learnt a lot about Viking life in early York. It was really cool how they explained everything on the ride around! We weren’t actually planning on going to the Jorvick Centre but I’m really glad we did!

Walking Down the Shambles in York, England

And there we have it! That is how we spent our one day in York. Have you ever been before?

I did intend for this to be a short post but then I got carried away… Oops!

Until next time!

Lizzie xx

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  • Jodie | That Happy Reader
    October 25, 2020

    I really enjoyed this post! I can feel the history of the area by looking at your photos and your commentary is sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tsuki ♡
    October 25, 2020

    Such a cute entry! I wanna go to York someday, I feel like my UK trip was too short haha <3

  • Thanks for sharing, glad you had a good time in York, I have wanted to go back to visit York 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

  • Sukeban AK
    November 1, 2020

    The Shambles is SO cool! I’d LOVE to go there. Bonus points that it’s Diagon Alley inspired (or I guess did the inspiring ^_^) without being connected to Rowling, haha. I was such a big Harry Potter fan and I’ve been so let down… Harry Potter is even how I met Ástrid! So I’d love to get that little slice of magic elsewhere. ^_^ Your outfit is SO CUTE! I LOVE THAT COAT!