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One Item Five Ways: Dark Floral MA*RS Skirt

I love MA*RS; you don’t need to scroll down far to see that I have a deep love for the agejo style, and even though I’ve written a one item five ways post on an older MA*RS skirt I couldn’t help but do one for this dark floral gem that I’ve had for a few years now. It’s just so versatile, and  is the perfect skirt no matter if you are into the older agejo styles or the newer ane agejo – it can be dressed up or down!

So let’s look at how I’d wear this item in five different ways!

One Item Five Ways: Dark Floral MA*RS Skirt

Agejo Princess

This is my favourite outfit out of the whole lot because it’s the perfect combination of cute and sexy. I wish I had a small pink bag in the correct shade to go with it, but for now I’ve just paired it with a cute bag I bought from eBay. I would love to wear this to a summer gal meet!

skirt + top: ma*rs / jewellery: tesco and I think maybe primark / heels: new look / bag: eBay

Old-School Agejo

This is definitely leaning onto the more old-school agejo, and to be quite honest I don’t know if I’m confident enough to wear this outfit yet… I might dress it down by taking off the belt and wearing it with black heels instead, but the trust heels I usually wear are falling apart (and no one wants to see that on the blog).

top: skinny lip / skirt + earrings: ma*rs / handbag: dorothy perkins / boots: boohoo / belt: golds infinity

Date Night

I wore something similar to this when I went and had my first photoshoot with an actual photographer *gasp* but I wore it with my butterfly belt, so I’m determined to wear this outfit again! Again, a cute little dark pink bag would’ve been perfect for this outfit, but for now I’ll just use my little black one.

skirt, belt + top: ma*rs / jewellery: tesco and I think maybe primark / bag: primark / boots: boohoo

Cosy and Cute

Another cute outfit to add to the list! I love anything with cosy elements (which is why I love winter sometimes – any excuse to drown myself in cosy jumpers) however I wouldn’t wear this in the winter – it’s definitely a summer outfit, but one where the temperature gets cooler at night.

hoodie: datura / skirt: ma*rs / bag: eBay / jewellery: maybe primark / heels: new look

Ane Agejo at Work

I couldn’t help but create an outfit for work, especially because I wear this skirt so often. To make it more office appropriate I’d pair it with some black tights, as the skirt is pretty short! Even though this outfit isn’t as over-the-top as the others, it’s my second favourite.

skirt: ma*rs / blouse: primark / jewellery: new look / shoes: asos / handbag: dorothy perkins

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Et voila! While I was writing this I couldn’t help but thing of other outfits, so I’m tempted to do a part two post for this dark floral ma*rs skirt.

Which one was your favourite?


Lizzie xx

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