One Item Five Ways: Floral Denim Shirt

Summer is finally here in the U.K. Shocking, right? I can’t actually remember the last time we had a proper summer so I’m making the most of the warm(er) weather. But everytime summer comes around I find myself itching to buy new clothes and I’m trying my very hardest not to splurge too much and to find ways to make do with what I already have. I’m also trying to find ways to do gyaru without buying brand because I can’t bear the thought of shipping and custom fees… Luckily this year I’m achieving my goal of doing more gyaru-kei style (which is a surprise as I’m such a brand whore) and it’s quite refreshing!

Today I’m featuring this floral detailed denim shirt from Primark. I’ve been wanting to buy a cute denim shirt for ages but couldn’t seem to find one until I clapped eyes on this beauty. Sure it’s cheap and probably won’t last long, but it’s good enough for now. Anyway, onto the one item five ways!

one item five ways, denim shirt outfit ideas

One Item Five Ways: Floral Denim Shirt

Liz Lisa Dreaming

This outfit idea instantly popped to mind when I saw the shirt hanging in Primark. I just can’t get enough of mixing Liz Lisa with non-branded items! I’ve actually featured this skirt in another one of my one item five ways post and I’m so happy that I’ve got it in my wardrobe. Thank you, Kawaii Gyaru Shop, you are a godsend!

liz lisa, himekaji, outfit idea

Denim shirt: Primark / Liz Lisa skirt: Kawaii Gyaru Shop (discount code: LIZBEE) / Shoes: Sweet Soul Shop / Bag: New Look / Accessories: Primark

Cute Pastels

The perfect outfit for casual days out shopping – these jeans are really comfy and I wear them a lot over the summer. And what’s a better combination than pink & blue?

cute pastel outfit

Denim shirt, bag & pompon: Primark / Jeans: Forever21 / Accessories: Primark & Claire’s Accessories / Shoes: Sweet Soul Shop

Denim x Denim

I know it’s bad to mix denim and denim but black jeans don’t count, right? This outfit is perfect for work and casual days, and some heeled sandals adds a cute appeal to it. The jeans I’ve got here are high waisted, and the denim looks so cute when tucked in.

simple gyaru coord

Denim shirt & bag: Primark / Jeans: / Accessories: Roxie Sweetheart, Claire’s Accessories & Primark / Shoes: Sweet Soul Shop

All Maxed Out

I really ought to buy maxi skirts more often because I just can’t get enough of them this summer. It kind of sucks because it tends to rain a lot in England so I rarely get the chance to wear them. I’m hoping that I could wear this outfit when it’s warm & sunny (or maybe when I’m on holiday or something). This outfit is a lot more casual than the other ones, but can instantly be boosted with dramatic gyaru makeup and a tan.

maxi skirt denim shirt outfit

Denim shirt & maxi skirt: Primark / Sandals & bag: New Look / Accessories: Miss Selfridge & Claire’s Accessories

Himekaji style

I had to finish this post by throwing in another himekaji inspired outfit, and couldn’t resist pairing the shirt with a cute white dress from Select. I’m so happy that I managed to get my hands on some cute socks from Kawaii Gyaru Shop – I love the floral details on it, and a little bit of ribbon for my hair only emphasises the cuteness.

casual himekaji style

Denim shirt: Primark / Dress: Select / Socks: Kawaii Gyaru Shop (discount code: LIZBEE) / Accessories: Dreamy Bows, Primark & the market for the ribbon / Bag: New Look / Shoes: Forever21

And that’s all for this week! It’s really nice to see a set of really summery outfits, especially because it’s finally getting warmer in the UK. I can’t wait to actually wear this!

What’s your favourite outfit? Got any suggestions on what item you’d like to see next? Let me know in the comments below! Until next Sunday ♡

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