One Item Five Ways: MA*RS Skirt

I thought it was time to do another one of these posts as I’ve been very naughty recently and bought some new clothes! I know I probably shouldn’t have but I just couldn’t resist. I don’t regret it though, which is probably even worse…

This time I’ll be creating 5 outfits with one of my favourite MA*RS skirts! Agejo is my favourite style, and I want to make it wearable for all seasons, but this time I’m just focusing on summer outfits. So here goes!

sweet agejo outfit, ma*rs coord

Agejo Cutie

Here I’ve mixed agejo & himekaji as those are two of my favourite styles. I wish I could combine these two more often as agejo could turn out to be really cute! But this outfit is okay for now.

sweet agejo outfit, ma*rs coord

Top: New Look / Skirt: MA*RS (replica) / Necklace & bag: Dreamy Bows / Earrings: Primark / Shoes: eBay

Casual Agejo

I wore this outfit for when I went to meet up my cuties Chewiee & Maz, I just love it! It is a bit plain buuuuut isn’t that a good thing? Just shows that MA*RS is good for everday wear 😀

casual agejo outfit

Sweater & necklace: MA*RS / Skirt: MA*RS (replica) / Vest, shoes & fluffy keyring: New Look / Bag: Primark

50 Shades of Pink

I wasn’t too sure about mixing up different shades of pink but what the heck, it looks awesome. I’m hoping to wear this outfit out soon… It’s perfect for a summer gyaru meet!

summer gyaru outfit, ma*rs coord, ma*rs gyaru

Set: MA*RS (replica) / Accessories: Primark & Gorgeous Barbie / Sunglasses: eBay / Shoes: New Look / Bag: Spreepicky

Queen of Hearts

I love creating outfits for “everyday” wear so I just had to create another one! This is probably better for days just hanging around town or doing some quality shopping. Pink, white & black is my favourite colour combo, as you can see from my blog tehehe.

everyday gyaru outfit, agejo gyaru

Top: / Accessories: Muse / Belt: MA*RS / Skirt: MA*RS (replica) / Fluffy keyring: New Look / Shoes & bag: Primark

Agejo Kitten

This is perhaps one of my favourite outfits of all time! It’s obviously not a summer outfit but it is perfect for autumn. I actually wore this outfit when I went to MCM Expo last year (or was it the year before?) although I forgot to add my heart chain belt & my Ruby Rose headband! D’oh!

ma*rs gyaru, ma*rs outfit, agejo outfit

Hoodie, socks, bag & necklace: MA*RS / Set: MA*RS (replica) / Heels: Dorothy Perkins / Earrings: Primark

I hope you liked this post! I’ve noticed that there’s a definite trend of me mixing in brand with unbranded items… I just love being able to go to a local store and buy clothes that I can wear with my MA*RS stuff. It saves me so much money!

That’s all for now cuties, until next Sunday~

Lizzie Bee xx

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  • ×t s u k i.-
    July 21, 2019

    Zanni is so cute omg… and that’s Chloe from the comm!!! <3 She's lovelyyyy
    I think this is my favourite oldschool MA*RS coord of yours (yup, aren't those print setups considered "oldschool" now in gal culture? xD).


  • Michela
    June 2, 2023

    Hi!! I’m not sure if you are still active but I would like to know if you are still a Gyaru and have Gyaru items ?