One Item Five Ways: Tartan/Plaid Shirt

I’ve finally packed up my summer wardrobe and oh my gosh I can’t tell you enough how excited I was to start looking at autumn coordinates! I used to hate autumn, but now I’m so happy that it’s finally here. While I was going through my clothes I realised that it was time to do another “One item five ways” post, and today’s featured item is this tartan/plaid shirt from Primark!

one item five ways, amekaji, gyaru coord

Amekaji Vibes

Amekaji has been on my mind quite a lot recently so I had to include this outfit that I wore for a casual gal meet! I can just see my wearing this with a messy bun, and those accessory glasses that you get… I think I’ll buy one soon 😀 I’m still experimenting with amekaji, but I guess this is a good start!

Sweater: Forever21 / Shirt: Primark / Converse: Deutchmann / Accessories: Blue Banana & Claire’s Accessories / Jeans: Reveal / Bag: Primark

♡ Casual Rokku

Going for the more rokku gyaru look here, and I’m so happy that my skeleton hands hair clips arrived in time for this post! It really completed this outfit. I finally have a glavil choker and thigh high boots which I’m so so happy about. I can’t wait to wear this outfit!

rokku gyaru outfit

Shirt: Primark / Shorts: Reveal / Accessories: Glavil by TuTuHa, eBay & Accessorize / Boots: New Look

Countryside Gal

I don’t know why but this outfit really reminded me of the countryside! I actually feel like going for a walk in the country when I look at this tehe. This will look great with cream tights when it gets a little colder.

countryside gal

Shirt: Primark / Sweater: Dorothy Perkins / Shorts: Miss Selfridge / Accessories: Muse / Bag: Primark / Boots: Primark


This outfit was inspired by some of the casual outfits you see in EGG! EGG is one of my favourite magazines because of the fact that the gals there look gal as f*ck even with “normal” clothes. It is my goal to do the same! It’ll save me a lot of money as well to buy from local stores than Japanese brand items.

EGG gyaru kei outfit

Shirt: Primark / Vest: New Look / Shorts: Primark / Socks: Primark / Shoe boots: New Look / Bag: Primark / Accessories: Most likely primark again

Casual Gal x2

This is another casual coord inspired by EGG. There seems to be a trend here…

casual gyaru kei outfit

Shirt: Primark / Shorts: Miss Selfridge / Accessories: Miss Selfridge & Muse / Bag: New Look / Socks: Primark / Shoe boots: New Look

That’s all for this post! I’ve been leaning on the more casual gyaru looks because I believe that it doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as your hair and makeup is on point you can be gyaru! I’m hoping to do more of these outfits soon.

Which outfit is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next Sunday!

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