One Item Five Ways: White Bejewelled DaTuRa Hoodie

Aaaand I’m back with another ‘one item five ways‘ post! It’s been a while since I’ve last written one of these (nearly a year?) and I’m honestly ashamed of myself. But this year will be different! Call it the whole ‘new year, new me’ vibe that I’ve still got going, but I promise that I will do more of these this year.

Without further ado, this ‘one item five ways’ post will be focussed on this gorgeous white bejewelled hoodie from one of my favourite gyaru brands, DaTuRa. You can easily do any of the below outfits with just an ordinary white hoodie. So here goes!

bejewelled white DaTuRa hoodie

Ane agejo outfit: DaTura hoodie with acid-washed jeans and white heels

Glitz & Glam

Hoodie: DaTuRa

Jeans: Quiz

Heels: Coche et Coche

Bag: Dorothy Perkins

Accessories: F&F and unknown

I wore this outfit in this post right here and it’s definitely one of my favourites, but to be honest any outfit with acid-washed jeans is my favourite. Adding little things like white heels and a nice bag can instantly up your outfit game, and turn what would be a ‘boring’ outfit into a classy one. This is perfect for those onee gyaru or ane agejo out there.

Casual hime gyaru outfit

Sugary Sweet

Hoodie: DaTuRa

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Heels: Coche et Coche

Bag: Spreepicky

Accessories: Dreamy Bows and Primark

My heart melted when I was putting this together because it is so adorable. I wish the weather was warmer on Valentine’s Day because I would’ve worn this if I could. I love creating outfits like because it’s something anyone could easily achieve; just swap my DaTuRa hoodie with another fluffy one and you’re good to go!

Pretty agejo coord with DaTuRa hoodie

Chasing Blossoms

Hoodie: DaTuRa

Dress: MA*RS

Belt: Princess Melody

Heels: Coche et Coche

Accessories: Primark and other

Clutch: eBay (I think?)

I wore this outfit when I went to see the cherry blossoms in Japan and it is by far one of my favourite outfits of all time. It’s an outfit where sweet styles meets agejo, and you can make it more casual by swapping out the clutch bag with a white backpack, and the heels for some cute dolly ones.

cute casual pink elements

Casual Days Shopping

Hoodie: DaTuRa

Top: MA*RS

Jeans: Forever21

Bag: Primark

Alpaca keychain: LoveJoJo

Accessories: other

Shoes: New Look

I just love how my DaTuRa hoodie could make any simple outfit classy, and this one right here is a key example. Again you can easily swap any of these elements with everyday objects (like the top for a white vest) and it’s perfect for those casual days out shopping. I’ve added a touch of kawaii-ness with my alpaca keychain, but how cute would it look with a fluffy pompon too!

princess melody and DaTuRa hoodie


Hoodie: DaTuRa

Dress: Princess Melody

Bag: eBay

Accessories: other

Boots: Boohoo

The previous outfits have been quite sweet, so I had to create this one for those who love wearing darker colours and are into agejo gyaru and hime gyaru. To keep it a bit balanced I added a fluffy white bag, but you could also swap it for something baby pink.

And here you have it!

Which one was your favourite? And what would you love to see featured next in my One Item Five Ways?

Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next week!

Lizzie xx

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  • ×t s u k i.-
    April 12, 2019

    I think I love them all! <3 *__* I need to get myself a DaTuRa coat and a My Melody bag!! <3