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Onee co*de + shopping for baby!

Hey cutie! How’re you? Welcome to my diaries ~ Today we went to test out and buy a pram for our baby I was so excited! I went for a mixture of something cute but also more grown up (so I guess this is an onee gal look today)

We booked an appointment so that we could spend some time testing out all of the different functions; how to attach the carry cot to the pram frame, swap it out for an infant car seat, and actually trying it out in my car to see if everything fits

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics as I was too busy trying things out but our day was a success! We now own one of the most important things for our baby Having a baby seems so much more real now

We were super hungry afterwards so went for a carvery roast. I snuck in some cauliflower cheese… So we shall see what my skin is like later

That’s all for today! Until next time

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