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今天穿的衣服 ♡ kitten tea party ♡ himekaji girls

你好小可爱 ♡ ~(‘▽^人) how are you?

I’m nearly half asleep as I write this haha so I’ll be very quick! Tonight I went for a very spontaneous online tea party with my himekaji girls. I wasn’t originally able to attend but then our plans got changed so I was able to go in the end!

The theme for this tea party was “kittens” which I adored for obvious reasons. I don’t have any cat motifs on my clothes so I just wore my cat ear headband…

No make today because of eczema. I’m waiting for it to clear up a bit (thank goodness you can’t see it in the pic though) and didn’t really have time to anyways as I only decided to join the meet about 15 mins before haha.

It was so good to see everyone again after what seemed like forever (⌒▽⌒)♡

Amber and Frida’s cats were so cute!!!

That’s all for today ♡ 再见!

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