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Hey sweetie! How are you today?
I’ve been crazy busy this past week that I’m writing this at the last minute (again). I’m so sorry! I’ll try harder to make this a better blog for you all~ But I’ve been updating my Instagram & FB page a lot recently! I think I might use those as my main two platforms (aside from this one, of course!)

Today I want to talk to you about Oshare Con! It’s pretty much an event for fellow Japanese fashion & lifestyle lovers and it’s organised by my friends Charlotte, Rox & Dominique! I really want to go there so badly but my bank is not in the best condition at the moment ;_;

Another reason I really want to go is that it’s the first Dutch even based around Japanese fashion, ever! It would be so nice to witness this… I really hope that they do it again next year so that I could make it *3*

But what will be happening at Oshare Con? Here’s a video that gives a brief overview:

Pretty exciting right? In case you’re dying to know more, here’s a little breakdown:

Fashion Shows
I’m talking about this first because of my interest in fashion (obv.) but there will be fashion shows for different Japanese street styles! Amongst them are Gyaru, Lolita, Harajuku, V-kei & dansou. There will also be a fashion competition!

To meet your everyday Japanese needs! Clothes, accessories, cute goodies…

Maid Cafe & Tea Party
Need I say more? Please note that you need to sign up in advance for the teaparty!

This event isn’t just for fashion lovers – they have a gameroom where you can join the Super Smash Bro’s Tournament. 

Fashion Lectures & Workshops
For the lectures it’s on Gyaru & Lolita, told by experts! However the following workshops include: Shironuri, deco workshop, deco nails workshop, Popin’ Cookin’, parapara and shoji (Japanese chess). If you want to attend the workshops you must sign up online in advance!

Because everyone loves some live music, right?

For more details about Oshare con, please click here! That site will tell you everything you need to know including buying tickets! Eek I’m excited at the thought of it… Japanese fashion is slowly spreading through the West! *3*

So all in all… I’m heartbroken that I’m missing out on this ;_; It’s
my ideal event! D’oh! ;_; Fingers crossed they will do another one next

See you next week my cuties~

Lizzie Bee xx / facebook / tumblr / twitter / instagram / bloglovin’

N.B The photos used aren’t of the actual event… They’re just examples of what they offer!

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