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Otsukai Review! Super Gals Merchandise

I am so happy I could cry – I finally have my hands on some Gals merchandise! Gals (aka Super Gals) is my gyaru bible and as soon as I saw Mihona Fuji, the creator of the manga, tweet that there would be a pop-up store to celebrate the manga’s return I knew I had to get my hands on some of the merchandise. It wasn’t until I found out about Otsukai, an online proxy service, that my dreams of getting them would come true! This would be the first time I’ve used a proxy service so I thought I’d write a little blog post about it and to spread the good word. So here’s my Otsukai review!

A Bit About Otsukai

So before I dive into my experience I wanted to tell you a lil’ bit about Otsukai. Otsukai is an online service that helps you get a hand of some Japanese items that are only available in Japan. You just make a post and then wait for a Japanese user to purchase the items on your behalf. What made my ears perk up was that the price they give to you includes EVERYTHING – service fees, shipping… The whole lot! What you see is what you pay. 

Otsukai Review – My Experience

Placing My ‘Errand’

I haven’t used a proxy service before so I was quite nervous about this one but Otsukai was incredibly easy to use! Everything was in English and all I had to do was create an account and then click “Request an Item”. I filled out a form with exactly what I wanted, provided a couple of pictures, and then hit post. It wasn’t long before a Friend made an offer on my Errand which I then just needed to click Accept and it took me to the payment process. What’s really good about Otsukai is that they keep hold of the money until the Errand is complete!

TIP: When writing Requests make sure you use really easy-to-understand English. Basically, don’t ramble.

The Waiting Game

It was the waiting part that nearly killed me. Now I have to mention that I get really, really nervous ordering online unless it’s from somewhere I’m incredibly familiar with, so waiting to hear whether or not my Friend was successful in obtaining the items was nerve-wracking. I was constantly checking my notifications and my Errand Details page to see if they said anything, and I even contacted Support to ask if it was normal not to hear from my Friend. They reassured me that it was totally normal, and that my Friend would only contact me if they came across any problems.

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Just over a week later I then received a notification that my items had been shipped and I nearly squealed with joy! Honestly it was the biggest relief ever. The shipping was incredibly speedy and I received my items only a few days later (which is amazing considering it was coming all the way from Japan, in the middle of Covid-19…).


After receiving my items, I just hopped back over to Otsukai to confirm that everything came in perfect condition! The Errand isn’t complete until I mark it as arrived and my Friend then has to rate me. This was done very swiftly and voila! All done! 


All in all – I’m really happy that I found out about Otsukai because the website was incredibly easy to use and I was able to get everything that I wanted through them! I would definitely use their services again in future (maybe for more Gals merch…) and would highly recommend them to those who are new to ordering from Japan!

I hope this Otsukai review has been useful to you! Until next time.

Have you ever used Otsukai before? What did you think?

Lizzie xx

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