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Outfit ideas for Seoul + Singapore

Aaaah I’m so excited because… WE’RE GOING TO SEOUL AND SINGAPORE!!!!!! Me and my hubby are finally going to the other side of the world and I really can’t wait. However, I’m going to try and pack light (to leave more space for skincare goodies) which means that I’ll need to be super smart when it comes to outfit planning. So this post is where I’m dumping some outfit ideas!


It’ll be around 17-23 degrees Celsius in Seoul which is quite a comfortable temperature, so I wanna figure out how to bring that Autumn vibe! I am going to repeat these outfits so that I’m packing as less as possible.


But Singapore is a completely different story… It’s gonna be HUMID (like, nearly 30 degrees) and I would also need to be prepared for rain, just in case! I’m bringing out my crocs for a couple of these outfits!

And that’s it! I really wanted to do hime gal when in Seoul but I’ll be walking around and exploring so I decided to go comfy instead.

I’m so excited!

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