My day with Amelie~ // 4月4日 //

Today I visited Amelie in Birmingham! It had been ages since I saw her and I really missed her ;_; I had all these ideas for my hair and make and had a pretty decent but then-
It snowed -_-
It was so annoying because I was planning on wearing shorts but as soon as I looked outside I knew it wasn’t gonna’ happen >< luckily I packed some jeans but it didn’t have the same effect D: I didn’t bother doing my hair in the end because of the snow and it’ll be ruined within a second :/

This was my look~

Anyways, so I met Amelie at 2 and then we headed for some shopping! She bought this top and we thought that it looked a bit like the stuff worn in Soul Sister~ I am really liking the stuff worn in that mag recently… Trouble is, I haven’t gotten any tracksuits that look pretty or anything D: Don’t really want the plain kind that chavs wear ><
We then headed to Forever21! We don’t have one down in Kent and the nearest one is in London which is waaay too busy D: So, as you might’ve guessed, I really really really looked forward to it!

Our usual Forever21 picture! Argh I look so herp derp 😛

Amelie found this amazing camouflage skirt, and I noticed the label… And it said it was £2.49 o_O £2.49?! It was too good for that price! So we bought it 😛 When we got to the till the guy said that it was supposed to be £12.49 but whoever did it wrote it wrong 😛 Crazy! But we managed to get it for £2.49 anyways.

Me trying it out. Don’t I look so cool ;D Not like the clothes clash or anything…

Wagamama was a must as Amelie was hungry and I wanted some deep fried chilli squid *_* We talked about anything and everything! I really missed her <3

Me and Amelie! She’s so cuuute~

I wanted to go to a Chinese supermarket to find some Sake and dashi, as well as mirin as I wanted to try cooking some Japanese, Chinese and Korean food! ^^ A friend of mine showed me some amazing videos on YouTube that I wanna try out :3 But yeah. I managed to find some sake ^^ We popped over to the next shop and I found some amazingly-decorated iPhone 4 cases!

How the hell do you use these cases? o_O Especially that Hello Kitty one…

I found these glasses there as well! And surprised Amelie with them lolololol 😛

Don’t I look so cool brah.

We went back to Forever21 as I found these pair of shorts that I LOVED (they were acid-washed, distressed, and had studs *_*) but the only one that was left was way too big ;_; So had to leave it in the end :/ It sucks so much! I even tried looking online but I can’t find it :/

I decided to buy the jacket in the end 😛 I mean, it was exactly expensive sooooo~ Yeah! Just gotta’ think of what to wear in the end 😛

This is the pictures of my buys <3 Sorry it’s so crap, my lighting isn’t great D:

And with this jacket, me, Amelie and Alice are now skanky jacket triplets lolololol.

That’s all for now! I had an amazing time with her~ Kinda gonna’ miss her now though as I won’t be seeing her for a while ;_;

Outfit Post: Uni Trip in London // 3月31日 //

Lazy makeup is lazy OTL

On Thursday I arranged to go to London for like a “uni trip” because most of us were unable to go on Wednesday ’cause of our deadline, so we visited Somerset house for an exhibition called “Pick Me Up”. They had loads of pretty weird illustrations there~

Before that, we decided to go to Nandos instead of the usual Mcdonalds ’cause a) that food is skanky and b) we wanted to try something different! I’ve never been there before so it was something new for me ^^

They had this weird thing up on their wall… Didn’t want to touch it incase I got stabbed LOLOLOL

Food time! One of my friend’s ordered this dish with houmous (?) so I tried it out.. It was quite yummy! ^^

And this was my main dish! I ordered a Chicken burger with chips at medium chill (if that makes sense? D:) and it was still quite spicy! 😛 I luurved it though~ Was quite expensive which sucks ><

After some food time we went to Somerset house, and this is what it looked like! When I was last here the lawn was replaced by an ice rink (as it was around Xmas that I went) so I was kinda surprised… And at first I thought it was real flowers on the field… But they were clay flowers o_O I kid you not, CLAY FLOWERS. Each individual one had been handmade and boy that must’ve taken them ages to do o_O

Inside it was divided into little sections for the different exhibitions, and the one we needed to go to was on the other side~ I’ve got tons of illustration piccies, but I’d prefer to display this all on my blog art which I have just started! (Well, just started to use :P) But I’ll give you a sneak peek of some of my faves ^^ I wrote the artist name’s by them ^^

I think I’ve found a style that I love! But I just can’t describe what kinda style this is o_O 

Just another photo of me tehe ;D 

Why do I look so moody? D:

I just put my hair up into a ponytail because I’m a lazy git I didn’t have time to style it or anything :/ Lately I’ve been so lazy with my hair, only straightening when I doll up… And I kinda miss the days when I curl it and whatnot >< But what’s the point when I never go out? When there’s never an occasion to doll up properly? :/ Argh D: What do you guys normally do about this? 

That’s all for now~

Pressie Time! // 3月29日 //

We exchanged gifts ~ it was a bit late because we weren’t able to wrap them and we had to pick Stef’s up from the delivery office >< I was so very excited, and hoped Stef liked what I bought for him! This is what he bought for me~

Anna Smith bag, beautyUK glitter liner, top from Select and Angel eye lashes! >\< I luuurved them all so much *_* 

I realised I didn’t take a piccie of my top so here it is ^^

It looks so much better when worn OTL

The bag had little bows on it! Was so pretty *_* It’s now my fave bag 😀 

Isn’t it so pretty? *_* And at a perfect size to fit everything in tehe~

I got him this Thermaltake gaming mouse which I had been saving up for as I was unable to get it for him for Xmas ;_; he looked so happy! Tehe >\<

I have to say that this mouse was actually pretty impressive o_O Looks so… Graphical! And sleek too.

That’s all for this post! It’s very short and haven’t got many pictures but OH WELL.

Blue Reef Aquarium // 3月25日 //

As I mentioned in my last post, me and Stef went to Hastings to see the Blue Reef Aquarium! It was such a beautiful day; sunny, yet cool, which made everything 100 times better ^^

Hastings is such a pretty place~ so be warned, got tons of pictures 😛 Woop woop!

Me & Stef <3

This was my look for the day, as you have already seen in my last post ^^

Funny fishy ;D Looks as if it’s smiling at me or something o_O

This fella’ scared the crap out of me as I was zoomed in on the tank and BHAM

this guy showed up.

So pretty *_* Can’t believe they’re actually alive as well…

Clown fish! *_*

This was one of my fave fish tanks because they included all of the fish in Finding Nemo! *_*

When we finished looking at the Aquarium we decided to go for a stroll around Hastings! It was so beautiful <3 But it was really cold ;_; So hadda’ put my socks on ><” The area reminded me of a tourist place because of the way everything was laid out, and the buildings were in a lovely cream colour ^^

And then we stopped off at a fish & chip place! And ZOMG the food was so nom! When we ordered our Coke I realised that it was in Polish, which was crazy because I don’t remember Coke being written in Polish even when I went to Poland lololol. It was so nice to have a cool drink though!

We met Homer on the way back to the station! Can’t believe he ruffled my hair D:

… This had to be done.

So that was it really! I really liked some of the rides at the little fair (as there was one right by the beach) but then thought it wasn’t such a good idea as we have just eaten some yummy food OTL. Plus the rides were incredibly expensive o_O

That’s it for now! Sorry for the picture spamming ^^”

Outfit Post: Hastings with Stef! // 3月24日 //

Pale neck is pale OTL

This weekend my boyfriend came to visit me >\\< he arrived on Thursday late afternoon~

We did lots of stuff over the weekend! We went around town on Friday to do a lil’ bit of shopping (on my part), Saturday we went to Hastings and Sunday we are gonna go to Wagamama! And because we’ve done so much I’m gonna split this weekend into a couple of posts ^^

So this was my look and outfit for Hastings! I wanted to try a similar kind of eye makeup to Mao Miyashita ’cause I love how dramatic it is *_*

Her eyes are so round and pretty! <3

This was my version <3 Wearing Jewerich no.2 & Princess Eye! ^^

DreamV top, Reveal shorts & Dorothy Perkins shoes. Jewellery from random stores. 

This was me near to the end of the day~ So most of my makeup has gone off ;_;

So I’ll see ya’ in the next post! :3