One item four ways ♡ polka dot top

Hey cutie, how are you? It’s time for another ‘one item five ways’ post (well, in this case, a one item four ways). This time I wanna focus on my polka dot top which is one of my fave items! I’ve been slowly taking photos of every single piece of clothing I own to make it easier for me to figure out what I already have. This means that I’ll be doing a lot more (hopefully) ‘one item five ways’ posts as I don’t need to turn my wardrobe upside down. Lazy gyaru vibes

1. Dinner date

Let’s start nice and easy by creating an outfit that I’ve already worn! This top really makes a pair of jeans look ~fancy~, perfect for a Korean BBQ with your gals.

Early Halloween GETS

Eeeeeerm yes, I have already bought some Halloween decorations. In July

I saw on my friend’s story that there were some Halloween decorations at TKMaxx so I pretty much ran to the shops I’m amazed how early they stock them!

And yes, I managed to buy a few things… But not too much this time! I’m gonna take it easy as I already have a lot of decorations from last year.

But… I will let you know if I do buy any more…