Pink JD hime co*de ♡

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ ~(‘▽^人) I can’t believe it’s the last day of 2023 and gosh, what a year it’s been! I will do another roundup or reflection post later on but atm we’re currently driving back from my friend’s wedding (´,,•ω•,,)♡

Wore my fave JD dress! So glad I can still fit into it haha ♡ it’s nice to be able to do hime gyaru more often!

I think I need casual co*des…

Hey cutie! How are you?

Gosh I’m absolutely exhausted from all of the Christmas festivities so I’m really glad to be spending today at home (not that I want to go out in the pouring rain)

But sorry yes I’m rambling!

So this post is a bit of a brain dump!

Basically I really want to put together/gather some super casual outfits for days that I don’t feel like dressing up but don’t want to be a slob, either. And ofc they need to make me feel like a princess!

Then maybe I could buy some cute comfy clothes or something idk if I feel like it…

Okie, let’s go!