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Papillon Magazine Vol 2: Gal’s Guide to Gyaru!

Yaaay the second issue of Papillon magazine has now been released, this time it’s all about helping beginners get into the world of gyaru (a topic especially close to my heart)! The gyaru community has been eagerly anticipating this moment after a very successful first volume, so let’s have a tiny peek on what’s inside… 

Special Feature – Gyaransu

I had the delight in interviewing Gyaransu for this issue, and we got an inside peek of what it’s like to be in a Gyaru Unit (for those who don’t know – gyaru units are a lot bigger than a gyarusa and they usually have lots of different “levels” depending on where you are in your gyaru journey). Although based in France, they have members from Belgium and Switzerland, too. What was incredibly interesting was being able to get an inside peek at their membership process and we learn exactly how you can become a member of Gyaransu!

Boy’s Corner

Gyaruo power! There’s not much about the masculine counterpart of gyaru, so I was incredibly happy to flick through this to learn more about them. 

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Easy Peasy Tutorials

To help newbies get into the world of gyaru, Papillon have released some easy peasy tutorials, and I loved this one from Kelsey on how to make your own budget-friendly yarn wig. Lala have also shared a super nifty guide on adapting off-brand lashes for your gyaru looks.

What’s Your Substyle?

They’ve included a really fun quiz on discovering what your substyle is! There are so many substyles within gyaru so it’s easy to find something catered towards what you like (e.g. rokku gals for those who already like punk and goth clothes, himekaji for those who like florals and pretty things). I got mostly Bs and Cs – what results did you get?

Overall, my heart bursts with pride for this issue (which you can read over here!) . The team has worked incredibly hard to pull this issue together and I’m so proud of them! Here’s to hoping that they release another physical copy! In the meantime, click here to view all of the past issues of Papillon magazine, and you can keep up-to-date with their latest news over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What did you think of volume 2? What pages are your faves?

Lizzie xx

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