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Delightfully Pink: Peggy Porschen Cakes in Belgravia, London

Are you even a blogger if you haven’t been to Peggy Porschen? I’ve wanted to go ever since I started seeing the beautiful floral archway cropping up on every bloggers’ instagram since they’ve opened up their bakery in Belgravia, London. It’s the perfect place if you’re a lover of both pink and beautiful cakes, so I put it down on my list of cute cafes to visit (you can read all about the places I’ve been to so far here).

My sister decided to take me there on one sunny Sunday afternoon. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I tried to match my outfit to it’s delightfully pink decor (something that I always do whenever I go to a cute cafe!) and it was by chance that we happened to visit just a couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day. So out came my heart-patterned tights and fluffy pink sweater, with a pair of over-the-knee boots to create this cosy and cute outfit – perfect for a sunny, cool Sunday afternoon!

We got there around midday, and it wasn’t hard to miss; it was the only colourful building that stood out against rows of white houses. It looked almost Parisian with the pink woollen blankets draped over white metal chairs that flanked each side of the bakery, where customers sat and people-watched passersby. Despite it being a Sunday, there was already a waiting time of 20 minutes if we wanted to sit inside so instead we decided to sit on one of the tables outside that someone had just vacated. It was quite a sunny and cool day, so we didn’t get too cold (and having the blankets over our shoulders definitely helped). 

I ordered the “Sealed with a Kiss” cupcake, which is part of their Valentine’s Day specials and involved a classic chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry and decorated with a handmade sugar wax seal, raspberry meringue buttercream frosting, with a sprinkle of rose petals and pretty hearts. And – and this might be a bit shocking – but I couldn’t even finish it. Who knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat a whole cupcake! In truth there was a bit too much frosting for me despite my sweet tooth and the cake itself was a bit dry so I, regretfully, couldn’t finish it. It didn’t stop me from eyeing up my sister’s cake slice though (she got the “Heart to Heart” layered cake slice which was also a Valentine’s Day special)!

About Peggy Porschen (Belgravia)…

Address: 116 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9QQ
Opening hours: 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.
Cafe prices: My cupcake was around £6.50, and a slice of cake that my sister got was £7.50 so it is more expensive than your usual cafe. 
Other notes: Go early in the morning/on a Sunday because this place does get really busy. We went just before 12pm on a Sunday and managed to get a seat outside, but if we wanted to have a seat indoors it was going to be a 20 minute wait. I found that my cupcake in particular was – although beautiful – a little bit dry and had way too much frosting.

How to get there

We hopped off the tube at Victoria, and it took us around five minutes to walk to Peggy Porschen. You can also get there by walking from Sloane Square (which takes around 10 minutes). 


Peggy Porschen’s is a great place to go if you want to catch up with a friend over a hot drink and some cake, however, if you’re looking for something more substantial then Peggy Porschen’s isn’t going to be your cup of tea. I can totally see why bloggers love coming here because everything is delightfully pink and is a lot smaller than other cafes such as Elan Cafe so you get a bit more privacy. But was it the cutest cafe I’ve ever been too? Unfortunately no. It is beautiful and pink but I’ve been to cuter places like Biscuiteers (which I will write about very soon!).

What do you think? Are you planning on going to Peggy Porschen soon?

Lizzie xx

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