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Today I tried… Kogal!

Hey cutie! Today I tried out Kogal – high-school Gyaru – for my TikTok video collaboration with my friend Kelsey. I had so much fun wearing it and it reminded me of when I first tried it all of those many years ago at MCM Comic Con. Luckily this set up still fits me but I sadly couldn’t find the sweater to go with it… Which makes me want to try it again and update this blog post!

But what is Kogal/Kogyaru?

Kogal (or Kogyaru) is one of the earliest types of Gyaru, and some might argue that it is perhaps the first one. These are basically high-school girls who dress in Gyaru fashion, and often roll up their school skirts to make it shorter, wear lots of accessories, and have blonde/brown hair. I’ve included some pictures below of my inspiration for this post!

My Kogal Look

Aaand here’s my Kogyaru look! I originally had my hair in pigtails for the TikTok videos but I forgot by the time I took these selfies (as I changed my outfits quite a lot to video everything in bulk). It still feels a bit weird trying to style my short hair, although I’m trying to take inspiration from my short hair gyaru inspo! Maybe next time I’ll go with something a bit more adventurous haha. I recently bought this leaf tapestry to use as a backdrop (seeing as we’re in lockdown and can’t go out until the Coronavirus is under control) and I absolutely love it! It reminds me of summer and makes me want to tan! So my upcoming blog posts will most likely have this backdrop in it. 

To be honest I wasn’t too sure about posting these photos at first as I feel like there’s lots of room for improvement but I also want to capture my progress so that I could look back in future. Besides, it was fun dressing up as Kogyaru! If you have any advice on how I could improve it, please let me know. 

That’s all for today! Hope you liked this short and sweet post!

Have you tried Kogyaru/Kogal before?

Lizzie xx

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