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Recent Gal Boom! Popteen Kei ☆

Hey cutie! How are you? ♡ Today I want to share my current gyaru boom (inspiration) – Popteen-kei! Mainly from 2008-2010. As you may know, Popteen heavily featured a lot of himekaji looks during these years and while I was flicking through my magazines I became more and more drawn to the casual gyaru looks (especially Okarie’s coords). Me and my bby Darla call this the “Popteen kei” look, but of course, we’re not claiming it as an official term so don’t hold us to it haha (⁀ᗢ⁀).

So I decided to dig around my laptop for some more inspiration, and here are some pictures that have really inspired me lately including coords from Popteen models as well as models from other magazines (which I’ll mention in another section)! I’m trying to look for inspiration for Spring now to help me plan on what clothes to buy next!

Popteen kei….?

I don’t claim “Popteen kei” as an official term, it’s something me and my friends use to best describe the style that the Popteen gals wore during those years especially when Okarie and Kumicky were heavily featured in there. It’s incredibly casual mixed with a very girly/sweet vibe (without being too princessy) and they don’t generally wear lots of flashy accessories e.g. massive d.i.a belts.

Popteen kei inspo for Spring/Summer

The kind of clothes that are really catching my eye in particular is the mixing of hoodies/baggy sweaters and cute skirts! These would be absolutely perfect for every day styles and they look super comfy as well. Most of the models I’m inspired by are the same as my last gal boom such as Okarie, Kumicky, Chie and Chika, but this time I’ve also been inspired by some of Satomi Yakuwa’s old looks as well as other Popteen models like Airisa Fukudome and Mikipon!

Disclaimer – not all of these photos are from Popteen, but they definitely gave me the Popteen kei vibe!

I really can’t wait to create more looks for my new gal boom! Obviously I am still an old-school himekaji gal, but it’s nice to find things more suitable for every day.

What’s your current gal boom? What has inspired you lately?

pic by my bby Emi

p.s. shoutout to my bby Darla and Georgie for encouraging me to write this post and giving me some help with explaining things (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

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