Mag Scans! Popteen Nov 2008

Okay so this is going to be a major pic-heavy post because AAAAH I RECEIVED MY POPTEEN MAGAZINE! This one features the amazing Tsubasa Masuwaka on the front, and it’s the November 2008 issue! I absolutely love this era of gyaru (because even though Popteen isn’t specifically a gyaru magazine, they did have a fair amount of issues featuring gyaru style). There’s lots of himekaji inspo as well, so I’ve scanned in my favourite pages for you!

A lil’ disclaimer though – my scanner wasn’t very good so I had to take these on my phone, so I’m sorry if the quality isn’t great! I’ll try and update this post sometime in the future if I can get access a better scanner.

What I loved the most about Popteen Magazine November 2008…

My heart jumped when I saw Liz Lisa. Gosh, it was so beautiful back then… It gave me so much inspiration to do old-school himekaji! I really can’t wait to wear cuter coords (although right now it looks like I’ll just be dressing up to get the groceries haha). It was also nice to see MA*RS as well when it was still an agejo brand. R.I.P agejo! Lol why do I always fall in love with dead styles…

I just love how all of the Popteen models look as if they were having so much fun – which captures the true spirit of gal! Seeing so many wearing ugg-style boots in their coords was really nice, too, because it shows that you don’t have to wear heels all of the time. They seem to really like taking photos in front of McDonalds which kinda’ makes me wanna take pics like that when I am finally reunited with QueenE.

Popteen November 2008 Magazine via hellolizziebee

And there we have it! I absolutely loved this Popteen Nov 2008 issue, and I really would love to start collecting more Popteen magazines!

Which page was your favourite?

Lizzie xx

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  • Tsuki ♡
    November 11, 2020

    Duuuude that was the golden era omg… So nostalgic! Tsuchan looks perfect on that cover!! 😍
    Thanks for the scans!!! 💖💖

    • hellolizziebee
      November 12, 2020

      Gosh Ikr? I really want to buy more Popteen issues from around that time but they are so hard to find 😭
      Thank you so much for reading 💖💖

  • Michelle
    November 11, 2020

    I have some Popteen magazines from 2013-2014. The last issue I bought from them is from 2017. I collected Zipper magazines more though. Ugh, I just love Japanese fashion! haha ♥

    • hellolizziebee
      November 12, 2020

      Gosh, I’m so jelly! I really wish I collected more magazines when I was younger… I really regret it now 😭💖

  • Anonymous Commenter
    November 13, 2020

    I absolutely live for the 2007-2011 issues of Popteen, Egg, and Ageha!! That’s also where I’ve found most of my haaady inspiration- I really wish it was easier to find JSG ads/coords for inspiration though..
    I’m mostly into agejo, hime, onee, and haaady gyaru from 2007-2011, my personal idea of the goldden era of gyaru!

    Do you think you’ll ever write a post about gal poses? ^^