Pumpkin patch co*de ♡

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Good morning cutie (´• ω •`) ♡ I can’t sleep so I decided to write a very quick blog post about yesterday’s outfit for my pumpkin patch date with Isobel! We decided to go for a witchy theme!

I wanted to try out hime hair with my witches costume but…. Hmm, I’m not 100% sure on it??? I definitely need more practise and I also want to buy some “bangs” extensions.

It was pouring it down with rain though… I think next time I’ll dress comfy rather than cute haha.

Will be sharing more photos soon! I also vlogged about it which I’m hoping to post in the next couple of weeks.

Speak soon ♡

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  • Amiman♥
    October 4, 2021

    Aw noo that sucks that it rained, you look super cute though!!! 🧡