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A very quick and short post on what’s been happening… I wasn’t going to talk about it at first but oh well. We somehow have lots of flies in our bedroom and honestly it’s been stressing me out so much. We’ve emptied everything as we think they’re coming from the wardrobes…

I mean, it’s very likely they did, as they’re not “proper” wardrobes and there are quite a lot of holes and cracks in the walls because it’s a very old house. But we’ve filled in the holes temporarily and it seemed to have worked for now THANK GOODNESS.

But yeah. Not exactly a nice thing to happen as I’ve been constantly on edge and keep checking the room. But I think that I’m going to completely rip those wardrobes apart and build new ones! So might update this blog soon with some inspo…

Okay, that’s all for now! Sorry about the horrible topic ;;

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  • SamiiChu
    October 14, 2021

    So a few years ago I bought a big sack of rice from the store. Well, a few weeks later I started noticing a lot of moths gathering above my pantry… I thought since I lived in a shitty apartment at the time they were just getting in… but then the numbers started to increase…. One awful day I was using sesame seeds and noticed something moving in the jar… It turns out I had pantry moths and they had infested EVERYTHING ;_____; they laid eggs in my flour, rice, tea, and some of the larva hatched and was wriggling around in it.

    basically I lost all of my food at the time and was scarred for life. forreal sometimes i still get scared that they’ll come back one day… so i totally understand how you felt even if it seems like a little thing to everyone else!! I hope that you got rid of them and they won’t come back >.> awful things!! take care of yourself dear ❤ and don’t feel bad for talking about life even when it isn’t glamorous!