Rainy days and a questionnaire for you all! // 4月25日 //

Eurgh it has felt like an age since I last posted… I am so not used to posting just once every week or so now which is a good thing I guess as I really want to post more frequently on here.
But my interesting life pretty much ended as soon as uni started; I am dedicating most of my time to my uni work, so I hardly have any time to doll up anymore. It sucks because I really do fancy curling my hair and what-not every now and then, but I just don’t have the time.
I’m working a lot more as well so there’s another reason why I can’t doll up. Wearing tons of makeup isn’t really the way to go when you’re working at the cashier lololol.

I did manage to find the time to do my makeup yesterday though, as I went on a trip to London for uni to see an exhibition hosted by GFSmith (a papermaking company). They create the most beautiful kinds of paper… And I brought home some samples ;D I’ll include pictures of the exhibition on my art blog here .

So anyways, this was my look! I didn’t have the time to take pictures so these were taken on the train where the wind just decided to mess my hair up a bit >_>

We popped to Nandos for lunch just before the exhibition~ 

Me and Jess! Sorry for the blurry photo D: Bad lighting ><

I had this chicken wrap thing and it was amazing *_* So so tasty! I hope to make something like this~

Could you please do this lil’ questionnaire for me? My friend is doing research about online identities for her university project so she really really needs your help. Please help her <3

1. Why are you interested in Gyaru?
2. Give 5 things that inspire you and your style and why. (Please give links)
3. Give one negative and one positive aspect of being a Gyaru.
4. How long do you spend on average per day on Gyaru related activities? (If possible, split between online and offline)
5. How do you define yourself online?
6. What sites and blogs do you use to keep up to date with Gyaru styles and communities? Why?

The other stuff
7. Age:
8. Location (Just countries are fine if you don’t want to give more detail):

Thank you so much in advance! 😀

[[Edit]] Please write this in a blog comment! ^^ I’ve also cut it down! [[/Edit]]

I’ve decided to shorten my giveaway deadline to the end of May! This will be right after uni finishes so it’s perfect timing for me~
Remember that you must follow this blog in order to enter, and every time you make a new post/tweet/reblog about it you have to write it into the rafflecopter widget!

To enter, please click on the photo below!

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