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Recent GETS

Sorry I’ve been mia… I’ve been off sick with the flu I haven’t felt that bad since last year so I was worried it was covid – luckily it wasn’t! I am feeling better now but gosh it really knocked me out…

Anyway, today I want to share some of my recent gets These were from Japan!

I swear though it’s so much harder to buy stuff from jp nowadays… Everything is either sold out or ridiculously expensive Like I saw so many of these bags last year for cheap and I regret not getting them back then because I had to spend more than I wanted to buy this one…

Some books! Finally got the Kumicky ones but again, every time I tried to buy one it got cancelled… So I’m glad that I finally managed to get these.

My dresses from Vix also arrived and she was so sweet and wrote a lovely note as well as gifting me some JD gloves and bracelet

That’s all I have energy for for now, until next tune!

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