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Recent gets ☆

Hey cutie ♡ 你好小可爱! I’m back with one of my favourite posts to write – my recent gets! This will be very short and sweet because I have to get ready for work soon~

Another plush to add to my collection for my Hello Kitty boom ♡ I’m being very picky when it comes to the plushies I buy as I want them all to be gyaru related! This one reminded me of agejo. I also bought some lower lashes that Miki from Popteen created.

A cute lil’ Hello Kitty lunchbox! This one was from aliexpress and I love it so much. I featured it in my recent Hello Kitty haul video

And some gal magazines! I’m trying to collect all of the Popteen magazines from 2009 as that’s my current boom era, but I would also love to collect some from 2008 because my favourite one is from November 2008 with Tsu-chan on the front. That reminds me – I need to talk to Georgie about this to see which ones she’d recommend!

And then I bought some older Popteens because of the Hello Kitty collaboration, and also Gal’s Beauty for Okarie ♡

I now have a whole shelf dedicated to gyaru magazines in our living room.

I have one more gets post coming up but then I think that’s it for me ordering from Japan… It’s going to be hard but I’m trying to save up as much as I can as we have a lot of things that we want to do to the house like replace the kitchen floor which is going to be £££££ (ಥ﹏ಥ) Wish me luck!

I have to get ready for work now, so talk soon! xx

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