Recent Gyaru Outfits: Jan – Feb

himekaji gyaru, lizzie bee

I’ve been aiming to do gyaru at least once a week ever since I entered the “real world”. So far so good – it makes me really look forward to my “dolling-up” days and I feel more motivated to do things when I make an effort to look good. How weird is that?

But my gyaru looks have really toned down as I haven’t attended any meets and all I have been doing lately is shopping, eating or just hanging out with my friends so I’ve never really had a reason to go all-out. I had promised myself never to tone down, but now I’ve come to terms with it and accepted it for what it is. That’s life I suppose.

Here are a few outfits I’ve done during January and February. My gyaru self is evolving as I started not giving a crap about fitting into a substyle and just doing what I want to do. My main focus is to wear whatever I want but then do gyaru makeup & hair. I think it’s better for me that way.

Oh My Sweet Days

I’m not really one for slouchy sweaters but I can’t get enough of this sweater. It’s not really the warmest thing in the world so I saved it for the warmest winter day before I could wear it. What I loved most about it were the little white bows – they looked so cute! I really liked my makeup that day even though I did what I usually did, but it somehow looks different? I don’t know, the mysteries of makeup.

liz lisa, gaijin gyaru

winter himekaji outfit

Sweater & cami: Liz Lisa / Skirt: Miss Selfridge / Tights & boots: Forever21 / Accessories: Primark

Little Lamb

It’s still freezing here in the UK but because it’s been feeling more like Spring I wanted to wear something with Spring elements, and settled for lighter colours. I love this hoodie because it’s just so cosy, I felt like a little lamb!

fluffy winter outfit

cute winter outfit

Hoodie: Unknown / Jeans: Reveal / Bag & shoes: eBay / Accessories: Primark

Unicorn Princess

This was the first time I tried mixing up pastels, and oh my gosh I loved it! I never felt so magical and it was only emphasised with my unicorn necklace from Roxie Sweetheart. I can’t wait to wear pastels again – especially pinks and purples!

I had such a bad hair day and couldn’t for the life of me decide what to do with my hair but in the end I just went with soft curls. One day I’ll wear this outfit again but with bigger hair and heavier makeup. I need to experiment with pastel shades for my makeup!

unicorn princess

pastel winter outfit, unicorn

Sweater: Primark / Skirt: Missguided / Tights, bag & shoes: eBay / Accessories: Roxie Sweetheart & Primark

That’s all for today! I have actually dressed up more than what this post is showing but it’s been dotted around my other posts such as my outfits for my Kawaii Gyaru Shop review (which will be up next week!). So I have been dressing up, promise! ;D

Until next Sunday!

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