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Recent haul ❥

Yaaaaay my blog is finally back!!!! I have so much to tell you about but first I want to show you my latest jp haul. I promised myself this will be the last one so I invested in a few of my dream items which ofc includes some JD and other hime style clothes.

This was the box it came in…

And here are my items!

I’m so happy that I was able to get the JD dresses (the two dresses on the top row, second pic). That floral print print is my favourite and I’m so happy to have dresses I could fit into! I absolutely adore the cream one and it gives me very strong Marie Antoinette vibes. Just need to find an occasion to wear them to!

Truth is I have a lot of clothes that I need to sort through and I’m still making my way through my wardrobe posts. I think the last post I’ll do is a casual gyaru wardrobe… I love doing wardrobe posts so I’m kind of excited tehe.

Thats all for today! Until next time

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