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Recent Himekaji Purchases!

I can’t get enough of himekaji now. It’s just the perfect style for me – it’s super cute, and totally wearable for the everyday life. If I had to choose a version of himekaji though it would be old school; I just love the big hair and dramatic makeup…

I’ve been desperately trying to expand my himekaji wardrobe and seeing as it’s still freezing in England I decided to have a look around for any winter items. I really needed some sweaters and things that I could layer underneath that would also look cute but lately all of the stores have been releasing their Spring collections so it’s really difficult to get any winter items. I always seem to be late in buying seasonal items! Luckily I managed to grab a few items before they sold out, and it felt like Christmas when everything arrived.

Hoodie & shorts set: Non-branded / Hat: Liz Lisa / Blouse & red knit: Liz Lisa from Kawaii Gyaru Shop (coupon code: LIZBEE) / My Melody Plus & Socks: Kawaii Gyaru Shop

As soon as I laid eyes upon this hoodie and shorts set I knew I had to had it in my wardrobe. I feel like an adorable little lamb wearing it, and it’s just so comfy! I was so tempted to wear it to work once when it was super cold but… It’s not really the best thing to wear in an office. The blouse, however, is perfect for work which I got from Kawaii Gyaru Shop along with the red knit that came with a lace top to go beneath it (so I technically got two items for the price of one). The knit is such a lovely material and is also pretty comfy, and it has lovely ribbons and lace detailing on the sides. This is what I love about Liz Lisa – their attention to detail is top-notch. I got a cute My Melody plush and some over-the-knee socks (which are a wardrobe staple for me) too.

I can’t wait to show you all my outfits with these items on! I wore the hoodie & shorts set for the comfy day at the Int. German Gal meet, but it’ll be nice to properly accessorize it.

What has been your most recent haul? Leave your links in the comments below!

Until next Sunday

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