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Recent updates! Eczema flare ups, new makeup + wild boar

Hey cutie, how are you? Just a very quick update post on what’s been happening lately because my brain is zzz right now.

I had a really bad eczema flare up a couple of weeks ago… I haven’t had one this bad in a very long time, and so I kind of panicked. Everything felt so sore and looked incredibly red so I’ve chucked away all of my old eyeshadow palettes as they were due an upgrade.

This was what my face looked like 2 weeks ago.

I also decided to level up my moisturising routine and used vaseline instead of my cerave one. And it’s looking so much better! This is what it looks like now.

This meant shopping for new palettes! I made sure to look for ones that didn’t have any fragrance in them and were cruelty free. I also bought a contour palette and some hair bows.

I am a bit concerned about the super sparkly eyeshadow so I think I’ll avoid them just in case they irritate my eye lids.

In other news, today I ate something extremely different! My husband cooked wild boar sausages! And you know what?? They tasted really good.

Okie that’s all for this evening! Speak soon ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

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