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I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to post last week (but would you let me off because I posted it on my FB? Hahaha). I was just so caught up with uni work that I didn’t have the time to dress up nice or do anything about blogging so I had to take a break. But now that uni is over I feel a bit… Empty. I have been studying for most of my life and now I feel like I feel lost in reverie.

To celebrate I arranged to go out for a meal and decided to slap on a bit of makeup and slip into a pretty dress that I got a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a day dress to wear as I realised that most of my dresses were too “dressy” for just going out shopping/working/etc, and this one was absolutely perfect! It has a lovely shape to it too… At first I was worried that I bought the wrong size but I’m glad I got this one as the elastic just above the waist really helps give that flare. Did I tell you that I love the cream/pastel palette right now? Even though it’s bound to rain anytime soon I still wanted to wear this dress, and my new bag.

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outfit closeup

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dress: Persunmall / earrings: Primark / shoes: New Look / bag: New Look

I wanted to try a more elegant hairstyle because my hair is getting so long now and I’m getting quite fed up of curling it or putting it up in pigtails. This has become one of my favourite hairstyles ever – it’s so easy to do, and I’ve got enough hair for it (haha).

I decided to contribute towards the #galappreciation that Gal VIP magazine has hosted where we take a photo of ourselves and our favourite magazine! For those that haven’t heard the news, all gal mags have stopped publishing which was a great shock to me as I’ve been relying on them for so long. Nevertheless, I believe that we gaijin gyaru & gyaru can pull through if we can keep doing our best!

Anyways, I guess that’s all for now! Sorry for the incredibly short post, but I’ve got the usual I’ve-been-hella-busy excuse.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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p.s Did anyone watch the Supernatural season 9 finale? ksdjfbglkjehaouaeabfj FEELS.

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