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This is not a sponsored review! n_n~ Everything is done by me and with only my own opinion on the product. 

So whilst I was with my gal friends I spotted this glitter palette in Claire’s. It reminded me of the ones they do at Urban Decay, and so bought it straight away.
I was, however, really disappointed.

Let’s start with the photos first~

So this is what the glitter palette looks like. Looks as if it’s a “dusty” glitter one, doesn’t it? It is in fact one of those creamy eyeshadows, which I didn’t really expect (I touched it a lil’ when I opened it and was surprised because I was expecting it to be a powder eyeshadow). The colours are really pretty, especially the blue one next to the black~ Something that attracted me to the palette in the first place.

Let’s go for a close up picture so that we could see the eyeshadow a lil’ more clearly~ 

So yes, the colours are very pretty, but do they show up on the skin well? Instead of putting it on my eyelids and going through the process of taking it off everytime, I put some swipes on my hand instead.

It was very hard to make the eyeshadows visible, and I had to do a couple of layers each to actually make them show up on my skin. And even after that they don’t show up very well, especially the silver. The glitter however does show up, and the black and blue shades seems to be doing okay. 

Even though I got some poor results from the eyeshadows actually showing up on the skin I still carried on because I wanted to test how long they’ll last. Instead of walking around with eyeshadow on my hand for a couple of hours I just grabbed a tissue and wiped them a lil’. All of them apart from the black faded away, leaving behind some areas of glitter where they used to be.

So if you want to rub your eyes whilst weairng this, maybe you shouldn’t. Actually, if you’re wearing makeup at all you shouldn’t rub your eyes just in case you hurt them~ 

Although I have to say that this test was a bit unfair because I had rubbed the eyeshadow. All eyeshadows would come off after this, so I decided to test it by wearing the black shade on my eyelids.

Tada! This is what it’ll look like when applied to the eyelid. As you can see, even the black doesn’t come up very well, and this was even after several layers! The glitter definitely shows, but not the colour. It creates an interesting gradient though which might be useful if you wanted to use this on top of another eyeshadow. 

This is what the eyeshadow looks like when I have my falsies on. It does look alright, but not as great as I expected it to be. But at least it shows up! 

So how much eyeshadow did I actually use for this eye?

This much.

See? It’s nearly half of the eyeshadow! And that’s only for my first time (even if I did use a lil’ bit on my hand). 

What the applicator brush looks like after attacking the eyeshadow.

So what are the final results of this eyeshadow palette from Claire’s?

Colour ♥ ♥ 

Amount in each section 

Price ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  (as it was only £4)


Overall ♥ 

Overall, I didn’t really like this palette much even though the colours are really pretty. If it had been a powder eyeshadow then maybe it would’ve come up more when applied. The amount of eyeshadow in the palette is very low, although that was to be expected because of the price. Even though the eyeshadow didn’t really come up very well, it did last even after a couple of hours. So it is very good if you want to wear it for a whole day; you just need to pile on the eyeshadow (and by then it might run out and you’d have to buy a new palette!)

What I’d say is that this palette would be put to better use if you used another eyeshadow as a base, and used the glitter on this one to create an interesting effect. 

Other than that, I have another eyeshadow palette but of powder which performed far better than their creme ones. So they do do decent eyeshadows, it’s just this series isn’t as great (in my opinion). They are particularly   good if you want to buy cheap eyeshadows but of a decent quality ^^

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