Royal Order & Gal Meet

Is it too late for me to say, “Happy New Year!” ? 

I only just realised that I hadn’t said it in my previous post, so please forgive me for such belated greetings! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Xmas and New Years, and that many of you are working on your resolutions ;D

I am getting used to doing this posting-on-a-Sunday malarky, but it means that I have lots to write about! (That’s if anything interesting has happened) This post will be about two things; Royal Order and the Gal Meet!

Yes I am now in a gal circle! Established in August 2012, Royal Order ♛ is made up of five members to complete a close knit nago-cir located in the UK. We haven’t been able to announce it sooner because of unforeseen circumstances, but now we are finally out in the open!

Our members are: Myself, Amelie, Jada, Bunny and Charli! Here’s our Facebook & Tumblr

To celebrate, we held a Gyaru meet to go New Years shopping in London to get all of the sales! Unfortunately there wasn’t much to buy as shops were basically putting very yucky clothes on sale when all of the pretty ones were tres expensive. How annoying!

I also couldn’t find anything because I’m now so used to buying things online that I didn’t actually bother looking around. Whoops. But I had a fantastic time anyway! 😀

My make!
West One jumper, New Look vest, Julia’s Boutique belt, Quiz jeans, Dorothy Perkin’s boots
Upper lashes: Angel Eye
Bottom lashes: Baby Eye

Here are the photos of the meet~ I didn’t really take many because I was too busy catching up with people :3 Basically I was being a wonderful hostess along with my Jada ;D

We had to wait for aaaaages to get into Wagamama! Here’s what Yamii did while we were waiting ;D She’s so cute ! <3 Btw Yamii is my lover, and we are going to have 4638358965 babies.

And then we were actually able to queue up and get a table! There were 20 of us altogether so we like took over three. Unfortunately we had to split but I made sure to go round to the other tables to make sure everyone was okay. 

Me & Jada! Miss her so so much <3 
Me and Tania
Dom & Alex 
Tania, me & Jada

After I had eaten Alex was joking around saying I was a failure because I didn’t drink up my soup. So we were having a debate of whether or not I should slurp the soup up like a true Japanese person or just leave it. When I turned around… Well, I didn’t realise Tania was taking a photo when I pulled a face. 

Photo credits goes to Tania

Then it was time to actually go shopping! I was so good that I didn’t actually buy anything. Oh well!

Me and my lover Yamii got married! Lololol, check out our bling ;D
Perhaps my favourite photo! Why was I in mid-speech ;_;
Photo courtesy of Zoey!

I guess that’s all for today! Until next Sunday where I might actually write something about my New Years Resolutions *so late*

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P.S Due to privacy reasons I only accept people who I know personally on my fb, so I have created a fb page for everyone else 😀 I’ll be posting on their regularly including photos, new blog posts, and my everyday life!


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